Mother-of-two-pleads guilty to supplying ice

"WHY aren't you spending this money on your children?"

That was the question Judge Michael Burnett asked of 26-year-old ice addict Jessica Skye Carlo as she appeared in Rockhampton District Court yesterday.

Carlo pleaded guilty to supplying dangerous drugs and received a nine-month jail sentence, with immediate parole.

The court heard how police had conducted a search of a room at the Fitzroy Hotel on March 27 last year and discovered a number of drug-related items.

During the search they also discovered a mobile phone with text messages dated February 19, 2014, relating to an offer to purchase a point of methamphetamine (0.1 grams) for someone, while getting her own supply.

Carlo admitted to the police about the offer to supply the drug.

Defence for Carlo, Doug Winning, said his client was not a commercial supplier and was only sourcing drugs for someone.

Judge Burnett was particularly critical of her addiction and subsequent charges in the face of motherhood.

He asked how Carlo had the money for buying drugs, and questioned why the money wasn't instead being spent on her children.

"I am surprised a parent of two young children would engage in this behaviour," he said.

The court heard that after leaving school at 14 years old to pursue a traineeship at Chinchilla Council, Carlo then left for Brisbane to work as a sales associate at First Choice Liquor.

By 2010 Carlo was addicted to ice.

Mr Winning spoke of her addiction to the court.

"It is exceedingly difficult to rid herself from addiction... the need for rehabilitation looms large," he said.

Judge Burnett warned that a breach of the current parole would end in a served prison sentence.

Drug penalty

The maximum sentence a person in Australia can serve for the supply of dangerous drugs is 20 years.

In the UK the maximum sentence for supplying or offering a controlled drug is 14 years.

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