'I'll blow your f***ing foot off: drug debt home invasion

A DRUG deal gone wrong and loan debts were behind a violent home invasion, it has been claimed during a Toowoomba District Court trial.

Pittsworth resident Brian Fitzgerald told the court of being woken at his Hill St home late on July 9 last year by someone knocking at his front door.

He had opened the door to see Malcolm John Woods, 30, and three other men, one wearing a hoodie and carrying a shotgun and another man in a motorcycle helmet.

He said the man in the helmet said they were looking for Fitzgerald's de facto partner Paula Gillespie, claiming she owed them money.

After telling the men that his partner wasn't at home, one of the men said "If you don't give us some money I'll blow your f***ing foot off".

Fitzgerald said he told them to "f*** off" and slammed the door, locking it from the inside.

However, as he walked back inside, the door had been kicked in with the men in the helmet and hoodie approaching him demanding what money he had.

He said he handed over about $45 but refused to give them his bankcard and the four men had left, two on foot and two on a motorcycle.

Woods has pleaded guilty to supplying Paula Gillespie with 1g of methylamphetamine earlier that night but not guilty to charges of threatening violence at night, armed robbery in company and burglary in company arising from the alleged incidents at the Hill St residence.

Opening the case, Crown prosecutor Shontelle Petrie told the jury the issue central to the trial was what involvement Malcolm Woods had in the alleged incidents.

Paula Gillespie admitted to the court she had arranged to meet Woods outside the Southbrook State School earlier that night where Woods would supply her with 1g of methylamphetamine.

However, the court heard after she took possession of the drug, she had refused to hand over any money, claiming she had loaned Woods' girlfriend $4500, none of which had been repaid.

In cross examination, Mr Fitzgerald agreed with a suggestion by defence barrister Frank Martin that Ms Gillespie and some of the others were known to each other and that they used drugs.

Ms Gillespie told the court she had been charged and sentenced for possessing a dangerous drug arising from receiving the methylamphetamine that night.

The trial before Judge Deborah Richards continues.

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