A man threatened to “flog” his partner.
A man threatened to “flog” his partner.

‘I’ll flog the f-ck out of you’: Man assaults partner

JUST one week after being ordered by police not to communicate with his former partner, a man, 33, arrived at her house, punched and kicked her in the head, and threatened to "flog the f-ck" out of her.

Crown prosecutor William Slack told the court that on April 10, the defendant was the respondent in a police protection order against his former partner of six months.

Between April 13 and April 18, the defendant breached that PPO three times.

On April 13, the defendant went into his former partner's house and stole her mobile.

On April 14, while the victim was in her car, the defendant reached through the driver's side window, took the keys out of the ignition, and slapped her in the face.

On April 18, the defendant arrived at the victim's house and began yelling profanities at her.

The defendant also broke into the victim's house through the master bedroom window. The defendant followed the victim through the house, before punching her in the head several times as she attempted to leave the house.

When the victim fell to the ground, the defendant kicked her in the head and attempted to drag her back into the house, when he then threatened to "flog" her.

The victim sustained injuries from the attack, namely bruises and lacerations to her body, and said she had struggled with her hearing after being struck in the head.

The defendant also appeared in court for four drug-related offences, after police seized his mobile and found text messages offering an exchange of drugs.

Defence lawyer Jessica Goldie told the court the defendant had a "problem with alcohol" and had been introduced to drugs during a stint in prison.

Ms Goldie said the defendant was "extremely remorseful" and had written a letter intended for the victim.

The defendant had already served seven months in prison for the offences.

Ms Goldie said the Dirranbandi man recognised he had a problem and needed help with anger management and drugs.

Judge Julie Ryrie told the defendant he had made it his "intention to cause her grief" when he breached his PPO.

Judge Ryrie described the defendant's actions as "despicable".

"You were supposed to be looking over her and her welfare instead of using her as a punching bag," she said.

The defendant pleaded guilty to four counts of supplying a dangerous drug, namely cannabis, possession of a thing used in connection with the supply of a drug, namely a phone, one count of burglary, one count of assault occasioning bodily harm, one count of threatening violence, one count of commit public nuisance, and three counts of contravening a police protection order.

He was sentenced to three months imprisonment, having served seven months already.

His parole release date has been set for February 21, 2020.

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