Man broke girlfriend's arm and leg over Facebook password

AN IPSWICH man, who broke his partner's arm and leg with a golf club because she would not give him her Facebook password, has failed in appeal of his seven-year jail sentence.

William John Noel Compton, 21, and his young girlfriend were fighting after she discovered suspicious text messages on his phone in September, 2015.

In response, Compton accused his girlfriend of also being unfaithful and demanded to access her social media accounts.

She refused and went to bed but was woken when Compton punched her in the right eye.

Documents before the Court of Appeal state the 20-year-old victim looked up to see Compton "jumping up and down" and repeating "I'm going to flog you, I'm going to f***ing flog you".

All the victim could do was wrap herself in a blanket for protection as Compton repeatedly struck her with the iron bar.

Hearing the victim's cries for help, Compton's mother tried to intervene but was told "she's right, Mum" before being forced out.

Compton continued his attack, yelling "shut up and stop screaming must want the coppers to come".

His uncle then forced his way into the room and rescued the victim.

She was taken to hospital where she was treated for open fractures of the left forearm and right fibula (calf bone) as well as other injuries.

Compton was charged with malicious act with intent and sentenced to seven years in jail.

Suspended jail sentences imposed for a crime spree where Compton committed 10 offences over just two days while on parole and another for dangerous operation of a vehicle were also activated.

Compton's defence team appealed on the grounds the punishment was "manifestly excessive" and "so clearly out of step" with other similar cases.

The appeal panel was also referred to Compton's troubled upbringing in Cherbourg and the loss of his brother and father to suicide.

At 17, Compton led police on a dramatic chase through Brisbane in a stolen BMW. He was given a 12-month intensive correction order.

He had previously worked in the horticultural department at Ipswich City Council and as an apprentice mechanic but alcohol and marijuana use were said to have "probably poorly affected his judgment".

The Court of Appeal panel found the sentencing judge had appropriately considered Compton's background and the circumstances surrounding the offences.

It found the punishment was not excessive because Compton had been ordered to serve the suspended terms at the same time as the fresh sentence meaning his parole eligibility date was only delayed by 11 days.

The appeal was dismissed.

Compton will be eligible for parole in December next year.


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