Infamous escort reveals biggest regret


She earned $2000 a night as a high class escort and slept with more than 13 English Premier League players.

But what Jenny Thompson regrets the most about her sordid past is spilling the beans about her threesome with Wayne Rooney.

In a kiss-and-tell that shocked the world in 2010, Jenny, now 30, confessed to bedding the footballer with fellow vice girl Helen Wood in Manchester's Lowry Hotel while his wife Coleen was five months pregnant with their son, Kai, now nine.

But while Wood went onto win Celebrity Big Brother in 2014, then dragged the Rooney episode and Thompson's part in it back into the headlines again this April when she released her memoir, A Man's World, Jenny is crippled by regret.

She calls escorting the "unhappiest time in her life" and the one thing she wishes she could change. She quickly blew all the cash from selling her story, with the mum left so anxious about her past she still cries herself to sleep and took antidepressants.

That said, she is determined not to pilloried for her past - or to continue apologising to Coleen for something that happened so long ago.

"Believe it or not, I don't like to keep bringing it up, but every time Helen opens her mouth - I get dragged into it," says Jenny in an exclusive interview with The Sun. "I really do despise her."

The pair have been at war ever since the scandal surfaced and it's clear there's zero chance of reconciliation.

"Helen and I never speak," confirms Jenny. "I find the girl ridiculous and hilarious. I have no words for her. The way she speaks about people. I think she called me 'hairy nipples Jenny'. I don't know any girls our age that speak like that."

Helen Wood and Jenny Thompson when they were escorts.
Helen Wood and Jenny Thompson when they were escorts.

In the past, the pair thought nothing about sharing intimate details of their time with Rooney - who is said to have paid them about $1700 for their encounter, which Helen has claimed was over in minutes.

Jenny has accused him of sending her "filth" on Skype, inviting her to his family home for sex and that he said he was "buzzing" after their threesome.

But her new life as a devoted mother to her six year-old daughter Bella is a million miles away from that.

"My life is completely different," Jenny says. "I'm all about positivity and doing things that make me feel good, mentally and physically.

"I was partying every night, taking drugs and drinking myself into an oblivion. It's worlds apart from the life I live now.

"I look back at that girl, staring out from the front of a newspaper in trashy underwear and think so much has changed."

The biggest change for Bolton-born Jenny is motherhood; a change, she admits, that has saved her life.

"If I hadn't had my little girl, I don't know where I'd have wound up by now," she says.


After the threesome made headlines, Coleen Rooney, 32, forgave Wayne, 33, and the couple, who started dating when they were 16, went onto have three more children - Klay, 5, Kit, 3 and 18 month-old Cass.

But it wasn't the first or last time Wayne had been caught out. It was revealed that he'd visited prostitutes, including a 48-year-old when he was only 16, and in 2017 he pleaded guilty to drink driving after being arrested when in a car with Laura Simpson, 29 - who claimed they'd enjoyed "a kiss and a hug".

Rooney and his family are now based in America where he's playing for DC United, but he's been arrested for being drunk there and went on a bender with a barmaid.

Despite all this, his marriage to Coleen has remained in tact, with Wayne saying he will leave the US when his contract expires as Coleen wants to raise their kids in the UK.

But Jenny remains crippled by her decision to tell her story.

As well as discussing Rooney, she claimed to have enjoyed a six-week fling with Mario Balotelli - who she infamously claimed was better in bed than Rooney.

"I'd give him a 9.5 out of 10 for the sex," she said at the time. "Mario is funny, intelligent and a gentleman in the bedroom. He's a brilliant kisser.

"You'd think most blokes wouldn't want to sleep with the same woman one of their mates or colleagues had but to be honest Mario seemed to love the fact I'd slept with Wayne."


Now, Jenny wishes she'd thought more about what she was saying and how it would effect her.

"It would have come out one way or another because too many people knew," she says.

"When the story came out, I was in a bad relationship with an ex-boyfriend and the story actually saved me from that relationship. There are regrets, of course. If it was now, I would have spoken to my mum and dad and been frank and said 'I'm sorry. This is what's happened. How can I deal with it?' It all spiralled out of control."

Her motivation, she admits, was the eye-watering $140,000 kiss-and-tell fee she received, which she then frittered away on, "nothing of importance."

"I'm not the same girl now," says Jenny. "I'm more thoughtful. I can see things from other people's perspective.

"Back then, I didn't think about the damage I could cause to anyone, only of what I was going to gain. I was a selfish, vacuous, greedy, obsessive girl. The money I got paid was good, but that's all gone now, blown on holidays and designer clothes."

Thompson was front page news.
Thompson was front page news.

Although she is a single mum, Bella's father - Bolton builder Keith Tomlinson - is a close friend and hands-on dad.

"Bella wasn't planned, but she was a godsend," says Jenny. "I'd known her dad for a while but we weren't in a relationship.

"When he found out, he was taken aback but happy. When I told my mum and dad, I thought they were going to be angry, but they were overjoyed. They said, 'we know this is going to change you' and they were right. Between them and Bella's dad, they've helped me turn my life around. I couldn't ask for a better dad for her."

However, her former life as a prostitute means it's hard for Jenny to trust men and she's been single for 10 years.

"As soon as something's going well with a guy, I look at the negatives and put up a wall," she says. "I've experienced men at their worst and I tar them all with the same brush. I need to learn how to respect men more.

"My past has left me with trust issues, but most guys find it hard to trust me too."

Jenny's past experiences as a prostitute have left their mark and she is working with a psychotherapist to help with her anxiety.

"At night when I go to sleep, I start thinking about my past and cry a lot," she explains. "It can keep me awake for hours and so he has shown me techniques to calm the anxiety attacks."

As far as Wayne Rooney is concerned, Jenny has had enough of looking backwards.

"I feel like I've paid for my mistakes," she says. "There's only so many times I can say sorry to the people involved. I mean what do people want, to pin me to a cross? I can't carry on suffering forever. I'm done with it and looking forward to the next ten years of my life."

This article was originally published by The Sun and reproduced with permission

Jenny Thompson had a threesome with Wayne Rooney.
Jenny Thompson had a threesome with Wayne Rooney.

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