YOUNG DAD JAILED: Family and supporters of two people, including a young father, now jailed over this year's
YOUNG DAD JAILED: Family and supporters of two people, including a young father, now jailed over this year's "horrendous” Mothar Mountain home invasion. Arthur Gorrie

Jail for young dad after 'horrendous' home invasion

A YOUNG home invasion offender kissed his sobbing partner and infant daughter good-bye before being led to jail from Gympie Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Talon James Larson, 23, found that youth and a good record were not enough to keep him out of prison for what the magistrate described as "a horrendous attack on an elderly man in his own home."

The father of three pleaded guilty to helping his father in a violent and drunken home invasion on at Mothar Mountain on July 7.

Magistrate John Parker said that even with an early guilty plea, there was no alternative to incarceration.

Mr Parker said he took into account that Larson was "a youthful offender" and had been influenced by his father, Keith John Larson, who was jailed for eight months on October 25, with parole from June 11 for the rest of a two-year sentence.

He sentenced Talon Larson to two years jail with parole in three months, from February 28.

More than half the courtroom's public gallery was packed with supporters, including his grandmother, other family members and children.

Police allowed Larson a few moments to hug supporters, many of whom had also attended his father's sentencing on October 24.

Mr Parker noted that a third offender had not been identified and the two Larson men had not helped police in this regard.

"A person's home is their castle," Mr Parker said.

"You cannot go into people's homes and commit crimes.

"The man was brutally assaulted in his home for no good reason - because he sprayed some stones with his tyres, which is just nonsense.

"Drunkenness is no excuse.

"You chose to put that much alcohol down your throat and you must accept the consequences.

"It is a fair assumption you were influenced to some extent by your father.

"Your solicitor has urged me not to send you to prison, but the circumstances are so serious I don't think there is any alternative..

"Both sides agree a head sentence of two years is appropriate, but I'm going to order early release," Mr Parker said.

He ordered two years jail for assault with bodily harm while in company and concurrent sentences for burglary, deprivation of liberty and wilful damage.

Solicitor Chris Anderson told the court Talon Larson had experienced a difficult life.

"He is 23. He and his partner have three kids, and another one who tragically died in a child care facility," Mr Anderson said.

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"I dare say they will never recover.

"His mother and father are separating because of the incident.

"He had made the comment that the incident had destroyed his life,," Mr Anderson told the court.

Mr Parker accepted police submission that jail was needed as a message to the community on the consequences of "retributive violence" and "vigilante action."

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