GAS ROYALITES: Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.
GAS ROYALITES: Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce. Adam Hourigan

Joyce slams 'false' claims

DEPUTY Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has rubbished claims from the Lock the Gate Alliance that his proposed coal seam gas royalty would not benefit farmers.

Mr Joyce last week suggested farmers who allowed gas wells on their land should receive a 10% royalty, a plan proposed by the South Australian Government.

Mr Joyce said farmers would not complain about receiving "hundreds of thousands or possibly millions of dollars a


Lock the Gate Alliance spokeswoman Carmel Flint said their analysis showed farmers would receive little in return for their wells.

"The entire petroleum industry only paid $36million total royalties in Queensland last year so, even if all that was royalties from CSG, it amounts to a measly $702 per CSG well which isn't going to do anything for farmers,” Mrs Flint said.

A spokesman for Mr Joyce said the figures (used by Lock the Gate) had been deliberately and falsely calculated on just 2% of proven and probable CSG reserves in Queensland alone.

"The Deputy Prime Minister's comments didn't relate only to the existing CSG production in Queensland or Australia,” the spokesman said.

"Instead they related to current and future levels of production and how to develop the industry to its full potential and giving landholders a fair share.”

Mr Joyce was using figures from a 2016 Queensland Government report into petroleum and coal seam gas.

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