Kim Dotcom says it's over with young, new love

Kim Dotcom says he has ended his relationship with 21-year-old Auckland woman Elizabeth Donnelly, after the whirlwind romance was revealed on Tuesday.

And the 42-year-old internet millionaire is blaming the media for the break-up, saying the attention was "unacceptable" and her life would be better without him.

In a post on his Twitter page, Dotcom informed his followers of the breakup.

"She's a good person and shouldn't be subject to shaming or abuse. I can't accept her getting hurt and it is better for her without me."

Elizabeth Donnelly says her family and friends are cool with her new relationship. Photo / Instagram
Elizabeth Donnelly says her family and friends are cool with her new relationship. Photo / Instagram

The announcement came after Dotcom told the Herald on Tuesday that he and Ms Donnelly were head over heels in love. "I'm in love. We're in love. This is not some fling - this is serious," a smitten Dotcom said.

Despite the 21-year age gap, the couple were happy, he said, and his new love had already moved into the tycoon's rented waterfront penthouse apartment in downtown Auckland.

I'm the luckiest man alive :-)

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Ms Donnelly, who is a third year business and law student at Auckland University of Technology, had only ended her previous relationship, with Auckland socialite and businessman Mark Harrison, little over a week ago.

She said she started falling for Dotcom after they started exchanging text messages on Instagram eight weeks ago.

Dotcom said on Tuesday they were keen on each other from the start but he was prepared to give her time to choose between him and her then boyfriend, and even encouraged her to go on holiday with Harrison earlier this year. She called quits on the relationship when she returned and felt confident that it was over.


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Mr Harrison had refused to comment on his relationship when contacted by the Herald yesterday.

Unusual first date
In an interview with the Herald on Tuesday, Dotcom revealed the couple were head over heels in love. "I thought I would never love again. My heart turned ice cold after my separation from Mona. To love and be loved is what happiness is all about. I'm so happy that I met Liz and that I can feel those butterflies again."

Ms Donnelly also revealed details of an unorthodox first date spent at the lavish penthouse with estranged wife Mona and the children. "I came over here (to the penthouse). We just hung out inside and the kids were here and Mona was here but we got on well," she said.

She said her family and friends had been asked to initially keep the new relationship under wraps until the pair were certain where it was headed.

"All my friends know and are cool with it. My family are fine with it too," Ms Donnelly said.

Dotcom had said his new partner was incredibly caring and the pair enjoyed spending hours together.

"Before anything she is kind and very considerate and sweet. It's just great to spend time with her. We want to go to restaurants and watch a movie without anything to hide. We want to enjoy this. We want to be a normal couple. There will be all kinds of comments. Everyone will have an opinion. We'll take it as it comes."

The couple had said they were excited by the future. "Everything is going so well," Dotcom said. "My luck has changed once I moved away from that mansion."

Dotcom has been on his own since his wife of five years, Mona, left him in March 2014.

Dotcom said he now planned to divorce her when the official two-year separation period ended.

He said it took a long time to get over his wife leaving and she would always be special to him. "She has given me my amazing children and I'm very grateful for that," he said.

Dotcom has made it no secret he was keen to have a new partner, even turning to Twitter to find love.

Support from Twitter fans

Fans of the Mega founder have come to his support, tweeting him supportive messages since the announcement. If it's meant to be, it will be #true love," Mallory Ropati said.

Another user said: "Man, that blows. Live your life, man."

Hans Schroder advised Dotcom to "hang in there". While Mattew Poldberg said: "So sorry to hear that Kim."

User @Realistim said: "Mate, that must be terrible for the both of you. Sad to see that happen." And Oskar said: "I'm sorry to hear this! Stay strong! Much love."

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