What do you think the new Grafton Bridge should be called?
What do you think the new Grafton Bridge should be called?

LET’S VOTE: Help us choose name for new Grafton bridge

NOW that the 20-year wait for the completion of the $240 million new Grafton bridge is over, attention has turned to what it should be called.

At an official event to mark the milestone on Monday, Member for Clarence Chris Gulaptis confirmed submissions will soon be called for to give the bridge its official title.

Mr Gulaptis joked the bridge should be called the "Chris Crossing" due to the number of different routes suggested for second crossing of the Clarence River.

"Someone suggested the 'Better-Late-Than-Never Bridge', but I think we can do better than that," he said.

"We need to get the community involved with this because it is their bridge."

The Daily Examiner posed the question on its Facebook page, receiving more than 100 comments from all corners of the community suggesting a wide range of names but, as some pointed out, no name will successfully keep everyone happy.

So in true democratic fashion, as editor of The Daily Examiner I've decided I will lodge a submission based on the most popular choice of our readers, as determined by the poll below.

I've selected a handful of what I consider appropriate suggestions from our social media followers (relevant posts at bottom of the article).

Now it's up to you to vote in our exclusive poll to help influence The Daily Examiner's submission, and hopefully the NSW Government's decision on the naming of the new Grafton bridge.

What should the new Grafton bridge be called?

This poll ended on 02 September 2020.

Current Results

Jacaranda City Bridge


Big River Bridge


Dirrangun Bridge


Win Jefferies Bridge


Shirley Adams Bridge


Sharon Edwards Bridge


Sir Earle Page Bridge


New Bridge


Straight Bridge


Harvey Bell Bridge


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


Josh Gorman: I think either Jacarandra City Bridge, or because it comes off Big River Way call it Big River Way Bridge

Tina Green: Jacaranda City Bridge.

Linda Flopsy Maher: Jacaranda Bridge.

Cindy Mitchell: Jacaranda Bridge.

Irene Winters: The Jacaranda Bridge.

Peter Jenny Tarrant: Jacaranda Bridge.



Lauren Noordhof: What about Big River Bridge seeing as now we are located on Big River Way.

Patricia Knight: Big River Bridge.

Phil P K Kennedy: Big River Bridge.

Brenda Hughes: Big River Bridge.

Michael Latter: Big River Bridge.



Kerry Ryan Hughes: Dirrangun Bridge. To be named after the aboriginal woman Dirrangun and the dreamtime story of how she created the Clarence River and its islands.

Corrina Brown: Kerry Ryan Hughes that is good! Also ties in with Susan Island that is close by and for aboriginal women only

Ed's Note: Kerry Ryan Hughes' suggestion of Dirrangun Bridge had the most likes of all posts (59).



Charmaine Patricia Watters: Win Jefferies Bridge after Win Jefferies who turns 108 years old next week, what an amazing milestone just like the new bridge. Win lives at Dougherty Villa and they are asking the Clarence Valley to wish Win a very happy 108th birthday.



Little Madge: Shirley Adams Bridge.

Shirley Grainger: Little Madge that is such a good suggestion. Shirley did so much for the city that she loved.

Christopher Blanchard: I agree that as someone who gave her all to the region, it should be named after Shirley Adams unless there is another deceased local deemed worthy.

June Elliott: The Shirley Adams Bridge.

Sue Steele: June Elliott I agree, Dubbo has LH Ford bridge, he was Mayor etc in Dubbo.

Kathryn Stewart: Shirley Adams Bridge she gave so much to this area.



Ali Stewart: The Sharon Edwards Memorial Bridge.

Kyle Nate: "Sharon Edwards Bridge" would represent everything she stands for. She was a hard working teacher who gave her all to support students through primary school education, a loving mother and a well respected and cherished member of our small community and the bridge is deserving of her name.



Nathan Martin: Sir Earle Page Bridge.



Jean Holmes: Old Bridge and New Bridge. Forty years ago Rockhampton opened a second bridge and that is still how the whole town refers to both bridges. They both have official names but no one uses them.

Kim Toyer: The New Grafton Bridge.

Victoria Louise Nixon: The New Grafton Bridge.

Kylie Winters: New Bridge, Old Bridge.



Claire Wotton: Well we have the Bendy Bridge so why not the Straight Bridge.

Adele Galloway: The Straight Bridge. Existing one is known by all Australians as The Bendy Bridge!

J ustin Hampshire: The Straight Bridge.

Julie White Simple: The Straight Bridge.

Michelle Chisholm: The Not So Bendy Bridge.

Os Frizell: Unbent Bridge



James Patterson: Harvey Bell Bridge. After the two men who were most active over the years pushing for it, Des Harvey and Ron Bell.

Rick Murray: Name it after Des Harvey. He doggedly campaigned to get it over many, many years.

Mark Butler: There are a some people that for years where at the forefront of the battle for the new bridge/crossing. It would be fitting to recognise their efforts. Names that come to mind are Ron Bell, Des Harvey, Doug Clark. Consider these.

Amanda Collins: Maybe name it after someone who was well known in the community - Spiro Notaras Bridge?

Ed's Note: Ron Bell, Doug Clark, Des Harvey, Spiro Notaras and Heather Rolland were members of the Grafton Chamber of Commerce who established a committee in February 2002 to campaign for the new bridge.

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Chris Gulaptis, Ron Bell and Des Harvey celebrate at the new Grafton bridge opening on 12/12/19.
Chris Gulaptis, Ron Bell and Des Harvey celebrate at the new Grafton bridge opening on 12/12/19.


Other suggestions that narrowly missed the cut for our top ten choices included:


Mark Hewitt: 1839: Joseph Grose sent steamer "King William" to Clarence River to ascertain potential for investment. Aboard were Deputy Surveyor General, Captain Perry, and a group of potential squatters. This is the first record of a steamer on the Clarence. Based on these explorers it should be called the "Squatters Grafton Bridge".


Glenys Herd: Why not Breimba, the indigenous name for the Clarence River.


Fanando Loco: Could call it the H A Volker or Volker bridge, since H A Volker was the one that brought the Jacaranda seed/trees to Grafton, which it's famous for.

And while I had to chuckle, I don't think BRIDGEY McBRIDGEFACE should get a run.

* NOTE: The Daily Examiner's bridge name submission will only count as a single submission. Community members are encouraged to make their own submissions.

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