Voters in the electorate of Lockyer cast their votes for the 2017 Queensland election, November 25 2017. Generic stock-type photo.
Voters in the electorate of Lockyer cast their votes for the 2017 Queensland election, November 25 2017. Generic stock-type photo. Melanie Keyte

LETTERS: Polls can't be trusted

Lucky country

I WAS wondering when we were going to be subjected to more rantings from the preachers of left-wing Labor/Green garbage from the likes of Stephen Beiger and Max Tanzer, and the latter did not let me down.

Mr Tanzer reckons recent opinion polls reflect "good news" or (indeed bad news) whatever you reckon is a fair thing, that this terrible "business only" Federal Government may be on its last legs.

Firstly, I really don't think opinion polls are worth a pinch of the proverbial.

I don't know why it is so difficult for Labor voters to understand that the business community is what creates the jobs and benefits your prosperity.

Having travelled around quite extensively I am well aware that Australia is surely the lucky country and we all should do our utmost to ensure that it stays that way.

Mr Tanzer talks about government for the people.

Sounds like the sort of language you get from the People's Republic of China and the poor downtrodden people of North Korea.

How could you possibly have Shorten and Chris Bowen in charge?

Remember, Bowen presided over people smuggler boats coming to our shores about every second day.

And that is the same as Shorten. All he knows is how to run trade unions not countries.



Injustice system

WHAT has happened to the justice system in this country?

Why are we seeing people charged with the most shocking crimes, and guilty beyond doubt turned loose by the courts?

Why are judges and magistrates showing unjustifiable sympathy for criminals while disregarding the suffering of the victims?

Cases like this fill our papers and TV screens.

Every day more and more crimes are committed because criminals aren't worried about the consequences.

This no-punishment disease is also infecting the sporting world.

Disgraced footballers charged and convicted of vicious public assault, domestic violence, drug taking, and drunken behaviour are welcomed back as heroes into their football clubs.

And the football hierarchy condones it. They keep a list of excuses a mile long as to why nothing should happen to these degenerates despite them bringing the game into disrepute.

Now it's spread to cricket.

The current scandal highlights the appalling failure of Cricket Australia to show some guts and sack the offenders and bring them home.

Instead, they took the captaincy off Steve Smith but then allowed him to continue batting. What a joke.

None of the ringleaders were actually thrown out of the squad despite their admittance of guilt. It's a disgrace, and Cricket Australia is just as guilty for doing nothing.

Of course, show-off Shane Warne jumped in front of the cameras to tell us what he would do if he was in charge.

What hypocrisy coming from someone, who along with Mark Waugh, was caught selling match-fixing information to Indian bookmakers in 1994-95.


Not in this country.



Stay separate

APPARENTLY at a barbecue, two topics should not be discussed: politics and religion.

Both can be controversial because we all have our own point of view.

Even worse in day-to-day life if both topics are interwoven and a politician or parishioner puts their view forward on the one they are least qualified to discuss.

Some of you who may use Facebook may have seen what the Anglican Church of Gosford's Father Ron Bower promotes on the church's notice board.

The words "Dutton is a sodomite" leaves you firmly with the understanding that the reverend does not like the traditional Christian message like "Need a lifeguard? Ours walks on water".

I'm not a religious person but like most, have beliefs which incline me to follow some faith even if I keep it to myself.

What Fr Bower preaches borders on bullying, and it is insulting.

The Anglican Church should act to remove this man as he does not speak God's word, but his own political agenda.

No wonder people are challenging religious philosophy and moving to alternative avenues of faith that don't dictate their choice being governed by the ravings of some left-wing disciple like Fr Bower.

Politicians should stay out of the pulpit and parishioners should stay out of parliament.

As parents we should advise our children what Easter is about and let them make up their minds what they want to believe.

It not all about chocolate.



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