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Woman's broken life started with child to abuser at 17

SITTING at the back of the courtroom listening to a 26-year-old mother of five's life story, one can't help but feel heartbroken for a lost broken woman.

Pleading guilty to an array of street level offences and breaching three probation orders, the woman's lawyer Samantha Legrady told the court the distressing story of a person who had her first child when she was 17 to a man who repeatedly abused her during the relationship.

The abuse was so bad, the Department of Child Safety took all five of their children out of the home in order to protect them, the court heard.

"She's been told unless things change she wouldn't get to see them again," Ms Legrady told the court.

Her own parents had separated when she was eight years old, her mother died a year ago and one of her siblings died in 2009.

Police prosecutor Jess King said her criminal history was littered with property-related offences.

On Friday, the woman pleaded guilty to many offences including stealing a woman's bank card and using it to buy iced coffee and alcohol, possession of oxycodone, giving a false name to police and using a mobile phone to source prescription medication illegally.

All the offences had been carried out between March and October, up until she was taken into custody 30 days prior to being sentenced.

Ms Legrady said since her incarceration, the woman has been on antidepressants.

"You've had a difficult time in your life," Magistrate Catherine Benson said during sentencing.

"Nevertheless, many people suffer difficulties and traumas and don't resort to criminal behaviour."

She ordered the woman to a six-month head sentence with immediate parole, declaring the pre-sentence custody. Mrs Benson also ordered the woman pay $408.24 total restitution, a $450 fine for contravening a probation order and issued a number of $150 fines for breaches of bail and failing to appear in court.

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