THE woman seriously injured in a double accident on Monday morning remains in a critical but stable condition. 

Hospital staff confirmed on Friday afternoon she is still in the Intensive Care Unit. 


A NIGHTMARE scene unfolded in front of police and witnesses this morning following a crash on the Warrego Highway.

While drivers, passengers and those who had stopped to check on the people involved in a two car accident were talking to police, a fourth car hit a stationary utility vehicle.

The rear left side of the tray broke through the car's windscreen, hitting the woman driver in the head.

She suffered serious head injuries and was rushed to the PA Hospital.

A small child, thought to be five-years-old, was also in the car which rolled to a stop on the embankment further down the highway.

Police will now be investigating the cause of both accidents, particularly what lead to the collision between the further car and the stationary ute, which had its hazard lights on after stopping to help.

The first accident between a sedan and a four-wheel-drive appears to have happened while the cars were merging.

The four-wheel-drive was forced onto the barrier separating the two sides of the four lane road.

One of the drivers involved in the initial accident, who asked not to be named, said she watched in horror thinking the four-wheel-drive would rollover, into the oncoming traffic.

"I was terrified," she said.

"I was so shaken up I just stood there crying.

"Afterwards, we were standing off to the side of the road talking to the police. We were all starting to calm down when we heard this huge crash."

The road is expected to be open by 1pm. 


DRIVERS can expect further delays after a life-threatening double crash this morning.

A woman her child were taken to hospital after an accident at 8.20am this morning on the intersection of the Warrego Hwy and Claus Rd in the east bound lanes.

Inspector Keith McDonald said the second crash which resulted in the serious injury occurred while police were on the scene of the first crash.

"Police were called to a collision. Upon arrival police observed a red Hyundai in the right hand lane and a Toyota Prado up on the wire barrier," he said.

"Whilst police were speaking to the occupants of those vehicles a fourth vehicle collided with the tray of a Poolwerx utility, which had parked to provide warning to other motorists.

"He had his hazard lights on and was just an innocent bystander who parked just to warn other people.

"They collided with his vehicle and travelled about 150 meters before going off the other side of the highway down the embankment."

Inspector McDonald said the driver of the red Hyundai and a small child in her backseat were injured as a result.

"The driver of the fourth vehicle has critical head injuries. The rear tray of the (ute) has stuck in her windscreen," he said.

"There was also a five-year-old child in the rear seat with minor cuts from the glass."

Traffic is now being diverted down Claus Rd to avoid the accident site which spans about 100 metres.

There are still four cars on the road, with one a significant distance down the road, stopped in the grass.

Tow trucks are on the scene along with police and fire fighters.

A woman is fighting for her life after the double crash. Photo: Trev The Towie.
A woman is fighting for her life after the double crash. Photo: Trev The Towie.

EARLIER: DIVERSIONS are in place near the Sundowner Saloon on the Warrego Highway following two serious accidents that have left one person fighting for life.

Two cars were involved in an accident at about 8.20am.

Queensland Police have confirmed the woman has been taken to the PA Hospital with serious, life threatening injuries.

A child has also been taken to Lady Cilento Hospital with minor injuries.

The forensic crash unit is investigating.

More to come.

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