"So get your best men on it," Ella says, calling on the Premier to introduce daylight saving.

Little Ella's plea for daylight saving in Queensland

A THREE-YEAR-OLD girl has urged Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to put 'her best men' on getting daylight saving introduced into the Sunshine State.

Little Ella has made an impassioned, but well scripted, plea to the Premier as part of a campaign to bring Queensland into line with eastern states.

"Dear Annastacia Palaszczuk, the sun comes up too early. I wake up at 5am," she says in the video posted on YouTube.

"I want to play outside after dinner but it's too dark.

"If I stay inside watching TV I get a fat tummy."

The video was created for getthelightright.com, which has has a petition before state parliament with more than 6500 signatures.

Ella, who is believed to be from Buderim on the Sunshine Coast, quotes results from a 2007 Nielsen poll which found 59% wanted Queensland to bring in daylight saving.

"So get your best men on it ... pleeeaasee," she pleads in the cutest way possible.

Some of the key arguments from getthelightright.com include:

  • The sun would rise at roughly 5:30am instead of 4:30am along the east coast, allowing those who wake with the sun (babies, birds, young children, light sleepers, etc) to begin their morning routine at a much more palatable hour.
  • With a sunset of 7:45pm rather than 6:45pm in SEQ folks can exercise, swim, walk, spend time with kids, garden and socialise in the daylight and twilight. Kids play outside before bed rather than sit inside on digital devices.
  • Tourism operators in SEQ have overwhelmingly stated they want the change+. Such an early sunset in peak tourism season detracts from the overall sunshine state experience and associated spending habits of tourists.
  • A 2013 study showed an introduction of daylight saving would provide an economic benefit of $4 billion a year to the Qld economy + and a 2010 study of businesses across Queensland showed that 77% of businesses in SEQ + were in favour of daylight saving.
  • The referendum was 23 years ago. A 2007 government commissioned Nielsen poll found the following support for daylight saving: 59% in favour, 10% neutral and 31% opposed 
  • With daylight saving the sun shines longer during peak electricity time (4pm-8pm), allowing longer use of solar panels and a later 'turn on' time for lights and digital entertainment, thereby using less electricity.

Should there be a new referendum on daylight saving in Qld?

This poll ended on 11 November 2015.

Current Results

Yes. I would love to see it introduced


No. It's a waste of time and money


Yes. More people now live in SEQ so it will be successful


No. I think Qld should stay the way it is


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

But according to a Fairfax report, there is little chance of the group having their way.

Both sides of politics have said there are no plans to introduce daylight saving in Queensland, despite's Ella's plea.

What do you think about this? Yes or no: should Queensland have daylight saving?

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What you're saying on Facebook: 

Stuart Everson: "No - Queensland doesn't need it."

Troy Jones: "Not at all! I remember when daylight savings was mandated in Queensland when I was a child, And I hated it! I remember in summer it would be 8pm - 8:30pm and the sun would still be shinning, now for a child to go to sleep while the sun is up is not an easy event. Queensland does not need daylight saving, in fact we probably would be more inclined to adopt night time saving in Queensland."

Diego Basile: "Having daylight savings down here in Melbourne is the best thing since sliced bread. Nothing beats long summer days. Coming home from work and still having hours of daylight left. It'd go perfectly with the QLD lifestyle."

Chen Hopwood: "NO bloody way. I hate daylight savings."

Sue Lambert: "Qld doesn't need daylight saving, our days are long enough with the hot weather without an extra hour of it and the days themselves are long enough as well."

Dawn Davies: "Smart Queensland not having daylight savings."

Angela Bartlett: "We are so lucky the way things are. Best part of the day is when the sun is up early, you can walk, swim or just breath in the new day. After a hot day sit outside in the night air, not day time night but actually dark night which is normal and relax and unwind. Thats what i like about qld we are what we are, no false daylight hours, lovely sunrises and sunsets and just normal hours of living."

Koe Picolo: "Yes bring on the daylight saving !!!!"

May Young: "No no no the sun is up at 4.30 now and doesn't go down until roughly six we do not need daylight saving. If big business needs to start earlier then do so."

Niell Graham: "Qld does not need daylight saving in the summer. The winter would be a better time to have it."

Anthony Copas: "Queensland's ALREADY tried it, it does NOT WORK. I've only spent a weekend in NSW with "daylight savings" and I strongly disliked it. Time is just a man made thing, an illusion."

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