Warren Buckley, Peter Ehrich, Wolfgang Gaschk, Peter Mauch and Bernard Nunn.
Warren Buckley, Peter Ehrich, Wolfgang Gaschk, Peter Mauch and Bernard Nunn. Emily Bradfield

Local firefighters celebrate 50 years service

WITH the courage and sacrifice of firefighters in the spotlight now more than ever, Dalby firefighters took a moment to celebrate achievement in their ranks.

Acting Chief Superintend- ent, Director of Regional Operations Bernard Nunn visited the Dalby station to present the awards in a special service last week.

Starting as an auxiliary, Supt Nunn said he understood the commitment and sacrifice required to be an auxiliary firefighter and thanked locals for their service.

Fire Captain Peter Mauch was awarded the national medal for 25 years of service and reflected on his time as a firefighter.

"It's been very much a learning experience and I've learnt so much being in the auxiliary service for 25 years,” he said.

"I've met a lot of good people who have the same ideals in serving the community,” he said.

Supt Nunn said Capt Mauch's knowledge and experience was valued at the Dalby Station.

"As captain, it's an honour to pass on the experience and knowledge he's gained over 27 years to the up-and- coming auxiliary recruits,” he said.

Wolfgang Gaschk joined the Dalby auxiliaries in June 2002 and hasn't looked back.

"It gives you a sense of achievement that you're doing something for the community,” he said.

"You're helping people in a time of need, sometimes it can be hard but that's what keeps me going.”

Mr Gaschk said being a firefighter took a lot of commitment and dedication, a price he was willing to pay.

"If people ask me if they should join I would say yes definitely but I would always say only join if you can commit to it,” he said.

"It's a good thing to do but you have to have commit- ment, otherwise you let everyone else down.

"Dalby is a good crew we get along with each other.

"When it comes down to doing the job, we get in help each other and look after each other and the community.”

Peter Ehrich received a QFES Medal for diligent and ethical service for more than 10 years.

Much like his colleagues, Lt Ehrich was driven to become a firefighter out of a desire to do something good for the community, and has learnt a lot in his time.

"When you start out it's certainly a big thrill helping people out who are in situations worse than you,” he said.

"It's just about helping the community and there's a camaraderie that comes with it.”

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