Malcolm Turnbull: We will not be cowed by terrorism

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull has paid tribute to France, vowing that free societies "will not be cowed by terrorism, no matter how shocking".

Mr Turnbull appeared on ABC's Insiders program from Turkey, which itself had suffered a large bombing attack only weeks ago.


He that that while "we can't pretend the risk is not there", Australia's security agencies work constantly to ensure these attacks do not occur.

When asked if Australia now had a larger target on its back for its military involvement in Syria and Iraq, Mr Turnbull said security policies would never be dictated by terrorists.

"They want us to bend to their will and we will not. They want us to be frightened. They want us to change the way we go about our lives," he said.

"They want us to back off standing up for freedom and standing up for the values that we are committed to.

"They want to establish, as they have done in parts of Syria and Iraq, in this region, they want to be able to establish a religious tyranny,one that, as the President of Indonesia was saying to me only a few days ago, one that is at odds, completely contrary, to the Islam that his countrymen and women practise."

How does the Paris attack make you feel about your safety?

This poll ended on 30 November 2015.

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No different. These were isolated extremists who want us to feel scared. I won't let them win.


A little unsafe. This could happen anywhere, with any target.


Really worried. I don't think Australia is prepared for an attack like this.


It makes me less likely to visit Europe, but I feel safe here.


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Mr Turnbull ended the interview with a message to the people of France and Australia:

"To the people of France, I say on behalf of the Australian people: as we have on so many occasions in the past, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you. 

"Your battle is our battle. Your battle for freedom is our battle for our freedom.

"The attack in Paris was an attack on all humanity. We are in a common cause and we have a single common purpose: to defend our values and our way of life, and to defeat these terrorists and their assault upon us.

"To the Australian people, I can say this: we are a strong nation. We are a united nation.

"We are the most successful multicultural nation in the world. And we are so because of being united in defence of our values. Our values of freedom.

"We have strong and capable security sServices. They keep us safe at home and, so far as they can, when we are abroad. We have - there's no reason to be complacent. But we have every reason to be assured that our nation is safe.

"We'll always be alert to threats as they develop. But we can be assured that our police, our Security Services, are working hard to keep us safe."

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