Threatened inmate escaped prison while playing tennis

STRANGE threats from fellow inmates prompted this man to escape prison with the help of his partner.

Kevin Andrew O'Connor, 33, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton District Court today after he escaped from lawful custody earlier this year.

The court heard O'Connor was only two weeks through a four month prison stint in the low security farm at the Capricornia Correctional Centre when he made a run for it.

O'Connor was in prison for breaching probation and a suspended sentence from October 2015.

He was visited by his partner on March 19 and they planned his daring escape after he told her he'd been receiving threats in prison.

O'Connor alleged in the week prior to his escape, a person he didn't know in prison showed him photos of his family, including a photo of one of his sons and his partner.

His partner's home was also vandalised in that time.

The incidents were apparently in relation to a drug debt O'Connor believes was falsely attributed to him.

He escaped through the fence of the prison while he was playing tennis with another inmate, then got into his partner's car which was waiting for him.

O'Connor was at large for five days and in that time his partner was picked up by police and charged with harbouring a prisoner.

She pleaded guilty in Emerald Magistrates Court and received a three month suspended sentence.

When O'Connor found out she'd been caught he arranged with his solicitors to turn himself in to police.

Because of O'Connor's prison break, he had served three months longer than his original parole date.

O'Connor's four page criminal history had largely been accumulated since 2015 when he began using ice after a wrist injury prevented him from working.

Judge David Reid told O'Connor he "must be living under a rock" to not understand the detrimental effects of ice use.

O'Connor received a sentence of 9 months, cumulative to the three extra months served in custody.

He remains remanded in custody for summary offences, but will be eligible for a parole release date.

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