Rapist Jack Grimley ignored his victim's plea to stop.
Rapist Jack Grimley ignored his victim's plea to stop. Courier Mail

Man found guilty of raping teenager three times

A BRISBANE man, 20, is behind bars after a jury convicted him of the repeated rape of a 15-year-old virgin in a "set up" by the man's footy-mate whom the victim met at a church camp.

Late on Friday a District Court jury of eight men and four women handed down their verdict, finding Jack Grimley asked his mate to "get some girls" then raped the schoolgirl three times in his bedroom on July 6, 2015, as a Blake Lively film played in the background.

They also found him guilty of two counts of "indecently dealing" with the girl, firstly in his loungeroom and later in the bathroom of his Hendra home.

The indecent dealing charge was an alternate charge to the charge of rape.

He faced trial on five counts of rape.

The jury spent six hours deliberating before giving their verdict to Judge David Kent at 6.15pm today.

The jury found that Grimley took advantage of the naive young schoolgirl in his basement bedroom, knowing she was under-age and was therefore not able to consent to sex.

They found he disregarded her requests that he stop, and to stop when she was in pain.

Grimley's lawyers argued he mistakenly believed she was older because she was "wearing makeup" as well as revealing shorts and halter top were "slutty".

Grimley chose not to take the witness stand and did not call a single witness in his defence.

The girl told police that as he raped her the second time Grimley told her: "You are going to have to do it eventually you might as well do it now".

"Then he just pushed it in," she told police.

Crown Prosecutor Megan Heywood told the court that the girl did not consent to sex and was intimidated into submitting because she believed Grimley wouldn't take her home unless she agreed to have sex with him.

The girls' mother told the court that her daughter told her "I got raped" three weeks after the attack.

"She said they went and started watching a movie and then she was being raped several times," the mother testified.

Grimley's friend Jacob Humm told the jury the plan was to have a threesome and it looked like "a bit of fun" at the start but clearly "went downhill" when the girl told Grimley: "Can you please stop it hurts".

Grimley's defence barrister Greg Maguire argued that the only reason Grimley was charged with rape was because the girl's mother was "horrified" her young daughter had had a threesome and insisted she report it to police.

Judge Kent remanded Grimley in custody for his sentencing on a date to be fixed.

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