Dale Fewquandie.
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Rocky worker's bad boy past finally catches up on him

AT 18, he and his mates broke into a number of licensed premises spread out across Mackay, stealing booze and cash.

At 19, he 'borrowed' a man's car without permission to pick up his friend. While driving, was noticed by police who followed him as he drove in excess of 160km/hr before crashing into a car and a brick fence, injuring his friends who he left behind as he fled the scene.

At 22, he was finally located by police in Rockhampton. And that's where the father-of-two was sentenced to 18 months' jail with a parole release date of October 6, 2017.

The Mackay man pleaded guilty to 12 charges in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court on May 19 after spending 44 days in pre-sentence custody.

Dale Fewquandie
Dale Fewquandie Facebook

Dale Andrew Fewquandie, who works for Mooney's contractors doing contract work for Aurizon, pleaded guilty to three break and enter and theft charges, one operating a motor vehicle dangerously, one unlawful use of a motor vehicle, failing to remain at the scene of an accident, driving disqualified, two fail to appear in court charges, and two breach of bail conditions.

Police Prosecutor Clancy Fox outlined how Fewquandie and co-offenders attempted to break into the Mackay RSL Memorial Bowls Club in Wren St, Slade Point, successfully broke into the Seaforth Bowls Club on Walsh Ave, Seaforth, and the Northern Suburbs Leagues Club on Golflinks Rd, Beaconsfield, on the same night.

He said a witness had been woken by banging of a shed at the back of the RSL club in early hours of the morning on February 14, 2014.

Mr Fox said three people were seen leaving in a white hatchback.

A door had been smashed.

Earlier that night, a person noticed damage to the rear window at the Northern Suburbs club at 12.15am and checked CCTV footage which showed two males not wearing shirts, but had cloth wrapped around their heads to hide their identities, inside the premises illegally.

The men took cans of alcohol from the fridge, damaged the cigarette machine, filled an esky and left.

They appear to have used a besser block to break into the Seaforth Bowls Club, stealing alcohol, damaging the cigarette machine with a chair and going through the cash draw.

They also stole $56.16 of fuel from a Coles Express service station that night.

Eleven months later, Fewquandie again had a night of illegal activity, starting with taking a man's car without permission.

Mr Fox said Fewquandie was drinking with friends at a house in Bowen when his friend rang and asked to be picked up.

Fewquandie asked a man he had known for three weeks if he would drive them to pick up the friend, but this man determined had drunk too much alcohol to drive.

Fewquandie then asked if he could borrow the man's car but was denied.

Instead, he seized the moment an hour later when the man left the room, leaving his car keys on a table.

Fewquandie picked up his friend and was then noticed by police on Gordon St, exceeding the speed limit.

Police followed the vehicle through a number of streets, with the speed increasing along the way.

The court heard police lost sight of the vehicle for a short time, but came across skid marks on Reynolds St and found the vehicle had crashed 20-30 seconds before.

The vehicle had slid sideways, narrowly missing two cars, hitting a third car and smashing into a brick fence.

There were two people on the ground near the car - one had broken ribs and was transported to hospital.

Fewquandie fled the scene on foot.

Mr Fox said the two passengers told police they advised Fewquandie to stop when they were first noticed by police, but he continued driving.

He said they also asked him to stop and let them out as the speed increased, but he didn't. The passengers witnessed the speedo reach in excess of 160km before the car crashed.

Fewquandie was on a suspended jail sentence and disqualified from driving at the time of this offence.

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