Police in operation Unite. Policeman walks the street. Photo: Rob Wright / The Coffs Coast Advocate
Police in operation Unite. Policeman walks the street. Photo: Rob Wright / The Coffs Coast Advocate Rob Wright

Man says police caught him breaking the law, in his driveway

EVERY car or motorcycle enthusiast loves to play and tinker around with their new toy.

However, a young Gladstone man found tinkering on the wrong bike at the wrong time racked up a number of charges and copped some big fines for doing just that.

Jamie Eric Stenzel, 19, pleaded guilty in the Gladstone Magistrates Court to four charges including one count of driving an uninsured vehicle, driving without a license, driving an unregistered vehicle and driving with a relevant drug present in his system.

But according to Stenzel, who appeared unrepresented in court and told the Magistrate he "just wanted to get it over with", he wasn't driving at all.

Stenzel said on May 25 he was at his house in Tannum Sands, on Marloo Dr, playing around with an old motorcycle he had been given by a friend.

He said the bike hadn't been working, but after a while was tinkering things here and there, he got it running.

"I literally just got it started up, like I had fixed it and it was running... I'm good with my hands," he said.

"Then the police came around the corner and saw me."

The motorcycle was unregistered and therefore uninsured; Stenzel also did not have a license to ride the bike.

"I was literally in my driveway," he said.

Despite this, Stenzel could not answer for the drug driving charge he received earlier in the month on May 3.

The court heard he was driving in Boyne Island, along Malpas St, when he was pulled over by police for a random breath test.

The test returned a positive reading to cannabis.

Gladstone Magistrate Melanie Ho asked Stenzel if he was making an income, as the fines for unregistered and uninsured driving were hefty.

He replied: "I wish, but I have started a training program."

Ms Ho fined a global sum of $1187 and disqualified from driving for four months.

Stenzel made it clear to the magistrate he would not be getting behind the wheel during the suspended period

"Can I just say how ironic it is that my car - a BMW - actually blew up the other day too?" he said, scoring a few laughs from the back of the courtroom.

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