Susan was having second thoughts about ending her relationship with Sean.
Susan was having second thoughts about ending her relationship with Sean. Contributed

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT: Bride has regrets after break-up

ON Sunday night, Susan Rawlings decided she and Sean Hollands might be better off as friends - but during Monday night's episode, which followed the relationships of the remaining couples at the end of the experiment, she didn't seem so sure.

The Maryborough farmer and his Perth bride were one of the favourite couples on Channel 9's reality television program Married at First Sight.

Although the two said they deeply cared for one another, the distance between them and differences in lifestyle led to Susan making the choice to end the relationship.

The show dropped in on Sean at his Maryborough farm on Monday night.

"It was very hard to just stand there and wave goodbye and to see her go," Sean said during the show.

"She is one of the most caring, positive people I have ever met. I loved every moment of being in this experiment with Susan."

Sean told a mate visiting him at the farm that he still missed Susan.

In Perth, Susan was clearly having second thoughts, admitting to her friends that she was missing Sean.

"Since the experiment ended me and Sean have been contacting each other, and I don't know what it means," she said.

"I think about Sean all the time."

Susan told her friends that Sean had all the qualities she had been looking for in a partner.

"I think about the good times we've had together and I haven't even thought of dating anyone at all," she said.

Sean said that Susan had restored his faith in women.

"I didn't think there was a girl out there like that," he said.

Susan said once you met an amazing bloke like that, you never give up on the hope of it possibly working out.

"Maybe, I don't know, one day it could be happily ever after, because that's what I wanted and that's what he wanted."

A second episode was due to go to air last night documenting the aftermath of the experiment.

Then a reunion episode is set to air next week, catching up on all the couples who took part in the experiment and discovering where they are at now.

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