Dexter Kruger celebrates the Western Star's digital future.
Dexter Kruger celebrates the Western Star's digital future.

Meet Australia’s oldest digital news subscriber

AT 110-years-old, Dexter Kruger today became Australia's oldest digital news subscriber.

The momentous occasion coincides with the Western Star's transition from a printed newspaper to a digital only news site.

It's the biggest change to the masthead's history in 145 years, and Mr Kruger is thrilled he gets to be a part of history.

If you were to ask Mr Kruger how much newspapers have changed since he was a boy, he could tell you hours of stories.

To sum it up, he says newspapers have always been such an important part of communities, and news gathering has always been an art form he'd been able to watch adapt to changing times.

With today marking the last printed version of the Western Star, Mr Kruger said he was glad to be a part of the digital future.

"I have read newspapers from as soon as I could read at about seven. I remember the days of the old broadsheets," he said.

"Evidently, times have changed. From the written word we go to the online, where you can read all the news as it comes online.

"I will need somebody to read it for me as they have done with the papers for the past 12 years because of my eyes, but I will overcome that to get the news."

Mr Kruger has lost count of the amount of times he has been in the Western Star but said he looked forward to still featuring on the digital masthead.

"The reporter always come and got my opinion on any big news in the world or the beef cattle industry," he said.

"And the Western Star have been coming to my birthday parties since I turned 100-years-old.

"Over the 30 years I have been in Roma I have made quite a lot of friends who were reporters at the Star, and I am glad I will be able to keep working with journalists in the future."

As Australia's oldest man, Mr Kruger has seen a lot of change in his time, but has always been willing to embrace technology and advises other older people to do the same.

"My message to older people is to take a line from my life - 'don't give up'," he said.

"Keep your mind active by turning to the online news. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

"It is difficult to live when you are handicapped, but I have been able to live with my poor eyesight to still read the news and will continue to do so with my digital subscription."

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