Minimoto is returning to Dalby this weekend
Minimoto is returning to Dalby this weekend

Minimoto returns to Dalby for an action packed weekend

NEED to get out of the house for a bit this weekend? Are you or your kids fascinated by road bikes and racing? Queensland Minimoto have got your covered.

The two-day event this Saturday and Sunday will be the first of five to be held in Dalby this year at the Dalby Kart Track.

Organiser Mark Bowden said the event was open to riders from six years of age to 99.

While novice riders are welcome, there will also be experience riders making the most of the track time to prepare for 2020 competitions.

“We have a couple of Asia Cup riders and a couple of Oceania Cup riders as well will be on the track,” Mr Bowden said.

“The Oceania Cup is a junior road racing series in Australia at Phillip Island and Broadford on bigger tracks down south.

“It’s sort of the entry for motorsport, for motorbikes, into the road racing scene.

“A couple of their riders will be there training and then we’ll have two riders that have been selected for the … Asia Talent Cup overseas this year, they’ll be there practising as well.”

If you don’t have your full kit sorted, Queensland Minimoto Events can help you out.

Mr Bowden said they did have some gear for hire.

“So if they don’t have proper road gear we have helmets, clothes, gloves for them.”

In addition to having the proper safety gear, some bike specifications also need to be kept in mind.

“Bikes need to have road tyres on them, obviously because it's the kart track,” Mr Bowden said.

“No knobby tyres, so to speak, no dirt bike tyres.

“We do have a couple of pocket bikes to hire … if someone wats to hire a bike out.”

While there are costs for riders, spectators will enjoy free entry.

“Anyone from Dalby can come have a look and check it out,” Mr Bowden said.

“We’d like anyone to come out … and have a look.

“It’s a very family orientated environment out there so we’d love to see anyone come out and have a spectate or have a go.”

Mr Bowden said Queensland Minimoto Events were hoping to return every second month to run further events.

Incorporating the motocross track into future events if they can get enough supermoto riders involved is another goal for future events.

“If we … can use the dirt we’ll incorporate the motocross track with the kart track, then it’ll be the only supermoto track with a motocross track in Australia.”

Registration is essential and links can be found through the event page Dalby Kart/Supermoto Track on Facebook.

Some gear and bikes are available to hire but it is asked that you contact Queensland Minimoto Events before Saturday to organise what you need. Contact details can be found of their Facebook page.

The action will kick off at 7.30am on Saturday, January 11 and will wrap up at 4pm on Sunday, January 12.

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