'Most magical zippys ever': Bonds' Disney onesies on the way

BONDS are about to release their exclusive Disney themed onesies.

The underwear company geed-up excited customers with a Facebook post yesterday asking them if they're "all ears?"

"Because something magical is on its way," they said.

And hundreds of mums responded. 

"I already know I want this for Christmas!" Cassie McSweeney commented.

"Disney Bonds!! I can't contain myself!" Vanessa Lee Shirley wrote.


But not all of them think Bonds' "most magical zippys ever" are that magical.

"Leaked" photos of the prints were shared on the post and some mums have slammed the designs, calling them awful.

"Hideous is an understatement," Hannah Cary wrote.

"The new designs look cheap and nasty. Real let down this time," Kristy Love commented.

Others have slammed the price.

While it is yet to be confirmed, it is being speculated the vintage Mickey and Minnie print onesies will retail for $49.95.


"Not really a fan bonds And for $49.95ea? I think I'll stick to the Target ones," Thea Porter wrote.

A member from Bonds' customer service team responded to our request for confirmation saying they cannot comment on the speculations made by Facebook users.

"We do not know the retail prices of the onesies, all you can do for now is to stay tuned to the Bonds' page/website!" they said.

Bonds first announced the collaboration with Disney in a blog post earlier in the year.

"We've teamed up with Disney to create a limited edition range of Mickey and Minnie Mouse print Zip Wondersuits, that are perfect for the little mouse in your house," they said in the blog.

The onesies will be available in a series of "retro-inspired and modern Mickey and Minnie prints" with a "special Disney touch".

The company is touting the "mousterpieces" a cute onesies and collector's items.

Bonds' onesies are known to sell on eBay for up to 17 times their recommended retail price.

In July, discounted Bonds Wondersuits went on sale for $11.99 at Aldi.

It was reported some of the prints were then being sold on eBay for up to $200.

There are currently a number of "rare" Bonds Wondersuits for sale on eBay.


Bonds said there is little they can do "from a legal perspective" to prevent people from on selling their products as second hand.

In a comment on their blog they recommended avoiding these re-sellers and not supporting them.  

Whether you love or hate the prints or price there is no denying there will be thousands of excited mums waiting in the wings for these pyjamas to hit Australian shelves.

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