Mother left battered after night-long assault from boyfriend

A MAN who sexually assaulted a sleeping woman as a teenager has subjected his girlfriend to a night of alcohol-fuelled terror, leaving her battered and bruised.

In May, the 29-year-old man - who legally can't be named to protect the identity of his victim - came home drunk and in a "bad mood", before leaving for his parents' home.

When his girlfriend later arrived on her bike, he met her out the front holding a bottle of vodka and then grabbed her throat with both hands, gripping tighter as she tried to call for help.

He then punched her in the face and threw her bike into oncoming traffic.

The pair returned home separately and after an argument with others in their house, he grabbed his girlfriend - whose son was in the home at the time - and held her down on the ground by her chest while unleashing a verbal tirade.

A neighbour intervened and he left on his bike, but police found him at his parents' home after a complaint and released him from custody with the condition he not go back to his victim's home.

But, later that night his girlfriend heard him break in through a window and begin making food in the kitchen.

When she told him to be quiet, he threw a knife at her, which she avoided and then he hit her in the shoulder with the frying pan he was cooking with.

He yesterday pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court to nine charges including two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm and single counts of wilful damage and assaults occasioning bodily harm while armed.

His victim was left with bruising to her face and throat and cuts and scrapes to her body.

Judge Gary Long described the man as having a "lack of respect for women", with defence barrister Simon Lewis contending his client had a "difficulty" dealing with conflict and alcohol issues.

Mr Lewis also told the court the couple had cross domestic violence orders against each other and his client's parents had an order against her.

The court heard his criminal history included a sexual assault against a sleeping woman whose home he was robbing when he was 17 and threats to kill a woman unknown to him in front of her child.

Judge Long said in the man's favour he has "appropriate support" from his family and a "significant history of gainful employment".

The man was given a head sentence of 2.5 years imprisonment with a parole release date of December 22, 2017 given the 246 days he'd spent in pre-sentence custody.

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