Kylie Maree Shearman will spend the next six months in prison after stealing $60,000 from her in-laws.
Kylie Maree Shearman will spend the next six months in prison after stealing $60,000 from her in-laws. Facebook

Mother-to-be jailed after stealing over $60k from in-laws

A PREGNANT woman who will spend the next six-months behind bars wept as she waved goodbye to her partner and mother in the back of the court room while she was taken into custody.

27-year-old Kylie Maree Shearman, who is 16 weeks pregnant, pleaded guilty to one count of fraud in the Rockhampton District Court yesterday.

The crown prosecutor told the court between November 28, 2010 and November 19, 2011 Shearman stole $62,369 from her father-in-law whom she was living with at the time.

Her mother-in-law, former partner and two children also lived at the Capella address.

The complainant was sole signatory of the bank account in question, but his wife would often use it to pay bills and had written down the account's access codes in a book next to the phone.

Shearman transferred money via telephone from her father-in-law's account 87 times in that period, taking between $230 and $2500 at a time.

The delay in reporting the crime was due to the relationship between their son and Shearman.

She used the money to buy drugs for her and her partner, pay off her credit card and some to support her children.

When Shearman's mother-in-law first confronted her about the theft she denied it, but later admitted to taking the money over a period of time.

The complainant and his wife had come into the money after their other son passed away.

Defence barrister Jordan Ahlstrand told the court his client had been in an on-again-off-again relationship with the complainant's son from 2007 to 2012.

Shearman alleged after the death of her former partner's brother, he began to increase his cannabis and methamphetamine use, becoming abusive towards her.

While Shearman's drug use wasn't as significant as her partners as she didn't use methamphetamine, she was still a daily cannabis smoker until she was 23.

The fraud was described by Judge David Reid as "unsophisticated", "grossly deceptive" and a "significant breach of trust".

Judge Reid also described Sherman's relationship with the complainant's son as being "characterised by episodes of domestic violence", saying perhaps that gave her a "false sense of entitlement to take from his father".

She was given a head sentence of three years to be suspended from March 27, 10 days before she is due to give birth, with an operational period of four years.

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