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Mum and sister pay tribute to Michael after rail tragedy

"YOU could never stay angry at Michael. As soon as he smiled, that was it. He just made you feel happy."

Those are the words Telisha Booker used to describe her brother Michael Booker, the 19-year-old who lost his life on Sunday morning when he was electrocuted while trying to climb a train engine.

Telisha and her mother Janine said they were in complete shock over the incident that claimed Michael's life.

"How am I supposed to feel? I'm never going to see my son again," Janine said.

"It is just a tragedy that we have to try and deal with now."

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The family have described Michael as a "larrikin", "best friend" and a "happy-go-lucky guy" who loved fishing, crabbing and motorbike riding.

"He was always having a joke," Janine said.

"He had the best sense of humour, was loveable and could put you in a good mood instantly."   

"He was the best friend anyone could ever have," Telisha said.   

The Bundaberg man had recently become engaged and was about to start a new job before his life was taken away.   

A Queensland Rail spokesperson said the teen came into contact with overhead wires at their holding yard in inner Bundaberg after trying to climb over a train.   

They said Michael was trespassing at the McLean St location when the accident happened about 1.30am.   

"We extend our deepest sympathies to the friends and family of this young man," the spokesperson said. 

 Queensland Ambulance Service and Queensland Police Service attended the scene, along with Queensland Rail staff.  

QAS senior operations supervisor Martin Kelly said Michael's friend performed CPR before paramedics arrived on scene.   

"Our efforts went on for 35 minutes. Sadly, the man could not be revived," he said.   

The Queensland Rail spokesperson said the tragedy was a terrible reminder of the dangers of overhead power lines.  

A freight train was delayed close to three hours as a result of the incident.  

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