CHARGED: A mother and her two daughters appeared in Roma District Court on Tuesday.
CHARGED: A mother and her two daughters appeared in Roma District Court on Tuesday.

Mum, daughters tag team in violent street brawl

SOME mothers will do anything to protect their children, and for Nicole Ward that meant joining in on a wild and violent street brawl.

Nicole Ward, 40, and her two daughters Tameka-Kaye Ward, 22, and Jessica Fay Robinson, 20, were co-accused in Roma District court on Tuesday, facing a variety of charges, including assault and supplying drugs.

Prosecutor Michael Gawyrch described to the court a street brawl that occurred at 10am on August 31.

The two girls had gone to a Holland St address, where a 25-year-old female and her family were, when the 25-year-old called out as they were walking by.

A conversation between the women - who were known to each other - became heated and as both parties stood on either side on the road, began hurling abuse and throwing rocks at each other.

Video footage showed a consensual fight began, with Tameka-Kaye and the 25-year-old throwing punches at one another before wrestling each other to the ground.

Robinson joined in the fight.

Mum Nicole came over too then, and began fighting off supporters of the 25-year-old woman, including children, to stop them from joining in. She also kicked the woman in the back.

The 25-year-old was also kicked in the head, but it was unclear from the footage who of the accused was responsible.

The court also heard that during the fight Tameka-Kaye suffered a fractured skull after she was assaulted with the handle bars of a scooter. Robinson was struck with a rock to the left eye, which was what stopped the fight.

Tameka-Kaye, Robinson and the 25-year-old woman were all transported to hospital for their injuries, with the 25-year-old suffering a fractured jaw and misaligned teeth which required surgery.

The court heard that on the day of the brawl, Nicole had been at home with her two young children when she was alerted by her daughters about the fight.

She had gone to the Holland St address with the intention to stop the fight, and had left her children at home with a friend.

The court also heard the day of her police interview about the fight, Nicole was intoxicated to some degree.

"You also have a noted criminal history with numerous drug offences and offences of violence," Judge William Everson said.

"Your performance as a role model is disappointing to say the least.

"Given her age, she's just having a lot of children and dealing drugs. She has a very unflattering criminal history for someone bringing up children."

Nicole pleaded guilty to one count of affray and to the two counts of supplying dangerous drugs.

Her daughter Tameka-Kaye was also on drugs charges.

The charges stemmed back to February 7, 2018 when a drug target operation intercepted a telephone conversation between Tameka-Kaye and another person where she stated that she needed to "get one". The person confirmed and said they would need to be paid first.

The court heard she had sourced the unknown drugs for herself to supply to another person.

On April 17, the same target operation intercepted mum Nicole asking how much an eight ball of meth was, with the person replying that it would be $700.

She also then requested a half ounce of marijuana and after being told it would be another $150, she told the person she would get $850 in cash out and arrangements were made.

The drugs were sourced from Nicole and sold to other people.

Nicole was sentenced to nine months imprisonment for the first count of supplying drugs, three months for the affray charge and three months for the second supply drug charge.

She was given an immediate parole release date.

Tameka-Kaye's lawyer told the court she was doing well now, taking anger management courses and had a boilermaker apprenticeship planned for January.

"I'm impressed you've taken steps to turn your life around. You have a very unflattering criminal history for someone so young," Judge Everson said.

"It speaks of someone who has a drug addiction."

Tameka-Kaye was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for the assault charge and six months for the drug charge, which were wholly suspended for 12 months.

Her sentence from August 31 in the Roma Magistrates Court of 14 days imprisonment for drug offences with a wholly suspended sentence was activated, with an immediate parole release date.

Robinson pleaded guilty to one charge of assault occasioning grievously bodily harm.

"You are still a young person so it is disappointing you also have criminal history although it is only one page," Judge Everson said.

"You need to take some steps to not see you progress down the steps of your older sister and mum."

Robinson was given a correctional order for nine months.

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