NAMED: Updated list of Dalby drug dealers.
NAMED: Updated list of Dalby drug dealers.

NAME AND SHAME: Dalby drug dealers who have faced court

Drug kingpin jailed for 16 supplies of meth and marijuana

A DALBY drug dealer has told a court of his transformation in prison, saying his time incarcerated during the global pandemic had changed his outlook on life.

Richard Carl Cooper, 31, blew kisses to his partner in the back of the courtroom as he appeared via video link from Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre.


Western Downs father and drug dealer escapes jail time

A SERIES of text messages proved to be Joshua Hammermeister’s undoing as he was found to have been distributing dangerous drugs to the community over a period of over five years.

The defendant stood in the docks of the Dalby courthouse as he heard the details of his offences rehashed before him, but was lucky to have escaped jail time according to judge Alexander Horneman-Wren.


Dalby drug dealer jailed for multiple meth supplies

ROWEN Craig Howlett will be released from prison mere days before Christmas for supplying dangerous drugs to the Western Downs community over an eight-month period.

Howlett pleaded guilty to ten counts of supplying a dangerous drug between March and November of 2018.


Young drug-addicted Dalby mum avoids jail for dealing ice

A 20-YEAR-old mother has told a Dalby court she turned to dealing meth to support her own drug habits.

Maddison Kay Egan appeared before Dalby District Court to face the charges where her “concerning” criminal history was brought to light.


Jail cook’s work won credit from the judge

DALE Bradley Hite had burned through his second, third and fourth chances before he faced the Toowoomba Supreme Court yesterday, leaving the judge with few options other than jail.

The court heard the 29-year-old Jandowae man had an “entrenched” methamphetamine addiction when he started selling the drug.


Dalby father avoids jail after selling drugs

A DALBY father sat with his feet up in the dock Thursday morning at Dalby District court as crown prosecutor Farook Anoozer recalled a three day drug spree in November, last year.

Khan Mihaka sat relaxed, dressed in a black shirt and board shorts as he pleaded guilty to three counts of supplying dangerous drugs.


Judge ‘horrified’ by mum’s drug slide on school grounds

A JUDGE was left “horrified” after being told a drug-addicted mother was reintroduced to meth by another mother on school grounds.

Madison Amber Harding’s 26-year history with drugs finally caught up with her.


No jail for repeat drug supplier

WITH his young son and partner sitting at the back of the courtroom, Guy Anthony Turnbull burst into tears as he was given a two and a half year prison sentence.

Turnbull appeared in Dalby District Court, where he pleaded guilty to 16 counts of supplying dangerous drugs, including methylamphetamines and marijuana.


Father of three jailed for drug supplies

TREVOR John Cooper was first introduced to methylamphetamine use when he was incarcerated at just 24.

It was this introduction that would lead him to be imprisoned for supplying the drug he began using while already locked up.


Father endangers child with drug abuse

JUDGE Dennis Lynch has reprimanded father of one Scott Hudson for putting his son in “peril” because of the drug charges heard before Dalby District Court.

Hudson, 34, pleaded guilty to nine counts of supplying dangerous drugs and one count of possessing anything used in connection with the supply of dangerous drugs.


Community meth supplier jailed

HANDING a cigarette to his lawyer as he left the Dalby courthouse, Mike Anthony Lengua, 28, was taken into custody by officers for peddling harmful drugs throughout the community.

The father of four shed tears as Judge Dennis Lynch sentenced him to 18 months’ imprisonment, to be released on parole after six months.


COURT: Drug dealer’s dad was her biggest customer

INTRODUCED to mind altering drugs at the tender age of 11, a now-25-year-old Shannon Hopkins found herself facing potential time behind bars for supplying drugs to more than a dozen people in the community.

With her partner sitting behind her in the courtroom, Hopkins couldn’t hold back her tears when she appeared on four drug charges in Dalby District Court.


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