Anthony gets torn down during the Married At First Sight commitment ceremony.
Anthony gets torn down during the Married At First Sight commitment ceremony. SUPPLIED

'Nasty' Married At First Sight groom ripped apart on TV

I ADORE a downfall.

Particularly in a group televised setting where the person is confronted and archive footage is played and just when they think the issue has been dealt with, someone else brings it up again 10 minutes later and drags them just a bit further.

During the weekly commitment ceremonies on Monday night's episode of Married At First Sight, the tables turned on Anthony in a spectacular way following the attack he led on Cheryl during last week's dinner party.

If you recall, he basically spent the entire evening doing a mediocre Ray Hadley impersonation in an attempt to get his own show on one of those radio stations aimed at old grey men with money and bladder issues.

And several days after the showdown, he's still totally oblivious to the fact he came off as a total jerk and his wife Nadia is scared for her life.

"We're good,” he tells the boys cluelessly and confidently in the lead up to the night's group commitment ceremony.

I don't want to get all petty, but I believe I need to bring something to everyone's attention. Anthony has totally forgotten to tuck in one half of his shirt after going to the bathroom.

At the commitment ceremony, Nadia wastes no time in explaining to the experts that she's discovered they're completely different people and asks straight up: "Yo, why you match us?”

Psychologist John Aiken refuses to give an answer - mainly because he doesn't have one - and instead demands to know how Nadia feels about Anthony.

"Um. I like him a lot ...” she says, unsure of whether this is the right time to be truly honest about her desire to escape.

Nadia during the commitment ceremony.
Nadia during the commitment ceremony. supplied

Playing dump, the experts ask about last week's dinner party and pretend like they weren't in a secret room watching live video stream of Anthony leading the attack on Cheryl.

Anthony says he was merely surprised by the return of Cheryl and Andrew as a couple and took it upon himself to be the "spokesperson” of the group - kind of like Kristy in The Baby-Sitters Club.

Nadia is still unsure if this is a safe enough environment to go all Leah Remini and reveal her true feelings about Anthony and the experiment, so she remains wide-eyed and agrees to stay with Anthony.

Anthony is relieved. He thinks he's tricked the experts into thinking his ambush on Cheryl was all just an accidental mix up. But the confrontation isn't over.

Susan has some feelings that she'd like to get off her chest and, in doing so, she surprises all of us and becomes our new favourite person on this show.

With a statement flower in her hair, Susan uses her commitment ceremony to Sean as a platform to take down Anthony and inform everyone he's a giant wang.

"I'm upset about what happened last night,” she tells the experts.

"I just feel like some people bullied Cheryl. And that really upset me. I felt like they judged her. And they didn't know her. These are people that I felt I saw a really good side of. And then, I felt disappointed.”

She says Anthony could've just been cool about Cheryl and Andrew's relationship and kept his feelings to himself.

"It was a bit of a gang up thing and almost ... some people said they were sorry but then ... I think they still think they're right. I feel uneasy about the fact it just didn't need to happen.”

Sean tells the experts he was bullied growing up: "I can only imagine what Cheryl would've been feeling. And it's, excuse my French, but it's f*ckin' horrible.”

Anthony is flabbergasted that someone - a WOMAN of all people - would try to bring him down. Him! The Kristy of the group. He looks at Susan like she's just a Stacey.

"It makes me upset,” Anthony says, attempting to convince everyone he's the real victim in this mess before conceding.

"It makes me upset to see I've upset Susan by my actions. It doesn't sit well with me. Because, Susan said she's seen the good side of me. And we had connected. And I got nasty last night. And I overstepped the mark and it makes me upset to see that Susan saw that side of me. And I want to apologise.”

The experts eventually throw to Cheryl to get her take on what went down.

She says she'd really just like to move on please and we all wonder why we've spent the last 30 minutes crusading her cause.

Elsewhere in the group, Simon is still too scared to admit he "likes” Alene and Sharon is struggling with Nick's yen for the strippers.

"The way you can predict someone's (future) actions is by looking into their past actions and how they go about things and what they do,” she says. I hate to throw this in Sharon's face, but wouldn't this little rule also apply to her cheating past? She conveniently forgets this.

In bigger news, the experts have heard about Michelle's traumatic experience witnessing Jesse's open door dump last week.

And they totally sympathise.

"Look, he's the typical male which likes to burp and fart,” Michelle explains before Jesse cuts her off to clarify he's only done it "like twice”.

But Michelle begs to differ.

"You were telling me how much you felt unwell because you were holding it in so much,” she says, going into way too much detail. "And then I was like, 'OK, we're all human, it happens'. But, you know, there is a line and I still want to have that mystery. Yeah, like, maybe six months down the track or maybe three months ... but maybe not the third week.”

Or maybe, you know, never. Never is also a good option.

Jesse looks slightly embarrassed. But not anywhere near the level of mortification he should be feeling after having his bowel movements discussed in a group setting on national television.

Ignoring the bathroom incident, Jesse thinks the relationship is amazing and uses his arm to create some sort of line graph to illustrate how it's charting.

Michelle's hand graph shows more of a plateau with chances of a crash real soon.

Despite her better judgment, Michelle chooses to stay. And so does Jesse - hanging around like, say, a bad smell.

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