New career support available for workers over 40

MRAEL Group has been announced as one of the Providers for the Australian Government's new Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers Pilot Program.  

The Skills Checkpoint Pilot, which commences immediately, is a free career advisory service offered to employed individuals aged 45 to 54 years.  

The service will assess where individuals are in their careers and offer guidance if a change in career direction is needed or desired.  

MRAEL chief operating officer, Christine Zechowski, said MRAEL was one of three Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Providers that have been appointed by the Australian Government to provide Skills Checkpoint services.  

"MRAEL is very excited to be one of only three Providers in Australia to be able to deliver Skills Checkpoint Pilot services. We will be delivering the free service across Queensland, including in metropolitan, regional and remote areas of the State," Ms Zechowski said.  

The Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers Pilot will operate for six months and is designed to provide eligible individuals with an understanding of their existing skills and experience, determine suitable training and employment pathways and provide advice and assistance in planning the next phases of their career.  

"The objective of the program is that eligible participants can access detailed skills analysis and career advice which will assist them to identify suitable new career pathways that are matched to their developed skills and experience," Ms Zechowski said.  

Skills Checkpoint services will also provide participants with advice about employment growth sectors, information about where jobs are located in local regions and the specific skills and credentials required to secure those positions.   "Queensland has a positive employment growth forecast for the five years through to November 2019, with an additional 244,000 jobs expected to be created.

"With such positive growth in the employment market expected, now is the time to support individuals to plan the next stage of their career to ensure that they are prepared to meet the needs of the evolving labour market across the State.  

Employed individuals aged between 45-54 years old interested in finding out more about the Skills Checkpoint Pilot Program, including whether or not they are eligible to participate, can contact MRAEL on 1300 4 MRAEL (1300 467 235) or visit  

The Skills Checkpoint Pilot is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.  

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