America loses it over viral Aussie star

About to get paid.
About to get paid.

PAT Cummins' run-out heroics have caught the attention of America's Major League Baseball.

The fast-bowler's stunning acrobatics to snatch the Kookaburra off the deck and hurl it at the stumps in one fluid motion were always destined to go viral around the cricket world after he dismissed Cheteshwar Pujara on the final delivery of day one.

But the clip has now gone where cricket rarely goes - America.

With just one stump to aim at after scooping up the bunted ball which dribbled out towards mid-off, the fast-bowler knocked down the stumps.

He did it all after 89 overs in the field - and 19 overs of express pace - on a scorching 39C day in Adelaide.

It was so good, even baseball fans were losing it.

The MLB website ran a cheeky story calling for a team in America to sign Cummins up to play baseball immediately.

What an athlete.
What an athlete.

The story, titled "This cricket play was so insane an MLB team should sign this guy right now", declared Cummins has the raw, instinctive skills needed to play as a "big league in-fielder".

"Check out this insane throw from Australian cricket dude and potential future MLB third baseman Pat Cummins,"'s Jake Mintz wrote.

"Look, I don't know enough about cricket to tell you what a 'rapid over' is or how impressive it is to compile 19 of those bad boys, but I can tell you that this bucket-hatted young Aussie would slot in phenomenally as a big league infielder.

"Someone give this cricket boy a Gold Glove and a contract."

The site compared it to a throw by Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Josh Harrison from last season.

Aussie legend Shane Warne joked on Fox Cricket before the start of play the interest of MLB could cause some trouble for Cricket Australia trying to hold onto the multi-talented star in the future.

Cummins is still in negotiations with Cricket Australia for a long-term deal after former high performance manager Pat Howard opted to only offer Cummins a one-year deal before he was dismissed.

"That might add a few extra zeros onto the end of his next contract," Warne said. "That might make it hard for Cricket Australia."

Mitchell Starc described Cummins' throw as a "special moment". "Especially after a long day in the field," Starc told reporters. "It was a good little effort."

Aussie cricket great Adam Gilchrist went a step a further. "That should not be allowed!" Gilchrist said on Fox Cricket's coverage.

"A fast bowler who's bowled 20 overs, in the last two minutes of the day, what an athlete!

"What a way to finish for the Australians. That'll have their tails up. What an inspirational run-out by Pat Cummins.

"That's the best run-out ever! I'm calling it, I'm calling it early!"

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