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'Perfect storm': Volunteer's drunken fight-night stains clean record

A TEENAGER with no criminal history was given 60 hours of community service in Gladstone Magistrates Court after a day of volunteering ended in a violent and drunken night out.

Orion Brown, 19, pleaded guilty to one common assault charge and one public nuisance charge on Tuesday.

Brown's defence lawyer told Magistrate Melanie Ho the offending was very out of character for her "very quiet young client".

She said Brown had been volunteering for a charity event in Gladstone earlier that day and ended up drinking on an empty stomach and only four hours of sleep.

"It was a perfect storm ... he's given himself quite a scare ... and realised he and alcohol don't mix," she said.

On June 10 this year, Brown was escorted from the Reef Hotel after becoming aggressive toward other patrons.

Police prosecutor Gavin Reece said once outside, he began interacting with people out on the balcony of the building he had been forcibly removed from.

Seeing this, a security guard asked him to move further back, behind the premises' exclusion zone, which prompted Brown to walk toward the victim and yell "do you want to go?".

He then punched the security guard and knocked him to the ground.

When police later asked Brown what had happened, he said he couldn't remember anything.

Mr Reece said the defendant appeared to be heavily intoxicated, had glassy eyes and was emotional.

Police took Brown home shortly after, but he was found back outside the Reef Hotel in the early hours of the next morning.

Mr Reece said police were called back to the area after reports of two to three men fighting in the car park.

When they arrived, police saw a man with a torn shirt standing across the road.

Mr Reece said though Brown told officers he had not started the fight, the other man said the fight broke out when the defendant had approached a different person, forcing him to get involved and try to intervene.

The victim told police Brown had punched his face several times, prompting them to take him to the watch house.

The the other victim was not found by police.

Magistrate Melanie Ho was told since the event, which occurred over six months ago, Brown had not been in any trouble.

She gave the young defendant from Brisbane the benefit of no conviction recorded but said "it's a shame you ruined a good day of volunteering".

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