'Pet lover' jailed for stabbing girlfriend's cat 14 times

CHOOSING a knife from his collection and fuelled by bourbon, a man stabbed his girlfriend's cat 14 times.

Bodie-James Amos killed the animal and wrapped it in a jumper before he chucked it in the bin.

It was only the beginning of a violent, drunken night of offending in which Amos assault his girlfriend, threaten to kill himself, ram a car off the road and threaten police with knives and a tomahawk in July 2015.

An Ipswich court this week heard Amos was a "pet lover".

After he killed the cat, the 26-year-old then turned his attention to his girlfriend, pushing her head into a bed post, strangling her and threatening to kill her and saying, "she was going to die".

The assault inside her Blackbutt home lasted half an hour, during which time on the of the woman's four young children went into the bedroom and demanded Amos "let her mummy go".

Amos told the woman to tell the girl they were "just playing".

The woman speed dialled her father during the assault and Amos threw the phone across the room.

The call had already connected and the woman's parents could hear what was happening before they got in the car and drove to her rescue.

Amos tried to stop the woman from escaping but her family arrived at the house and intervened.

Police were called and arrived at the house to find Amos standing on the balcony, armed a 30cm hunting knife and a tomahawk in his hands and another knife in his pants.

With one weapon held to his chest, he shouting at police "you might want to step back because I'm not a bad shot with a knife".

"Hey sunshine haven't they told you I'm suicidal," he screamed at police.

Amos got in his car and sped off to the nearby police station, where he waved the tomahawk out the window, with the knife still to his own chest, and demanded to speak to the woman.

He then sped off in the direction of Toogoolawah, driving at a traffic controller and repeatedly ramming the car the woman's brother and uncle were travelling in.

He later told police he had performed a "pit manoeuvre".

Amos rammed the car off the road then approached police with the knife and tomahawk telling them, "if' you don't be quiet I'll cut you up, I'll cut off your fingers".

He was tasered and recorded a blood alcohol content of 0.067%.

Amos pleaded guilty to nine charges in Ipswich District Court on Monday including assault occasioning bodily harm, dangerous operation of a vehicle, going armed as to cause fear, injuring animals and serious assault of police.

He was sentenced to three years imprisonment with parole on July 20.

Judge Dennis Lynch declared 263 says pre-sentence custody and disqualified him from driving for two years.

For 24-hour support in Queensland phone DVConnect on 1800 811 811, MensLine on 1800 600 636 or the national hotline 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732.

If you or somebody you know need help contact Beyondblue on 1300 224 636.

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