Rampaging Melbourne driver’s troubling Facebook posts

THE man who allegedly drove a car through a crowded Melbourne shopping district on Friday, killing four and injuring at least 20, claimed to be "god himself in a human bodily form" in a series of unhinged Facebook postings leading up to the attack.

Windsor man Dimitrious "Jimmy" Gargasoulas, 26, originally from Coober Pedy in South Australia, posted a Facebook message on January 1 declaring that, "Illumamati are a whole bunch of dogs ... I found out".

Four were killed, including a man and woman in their 30s and a 10-year-old child, when a car driven by Gargasoulas ploughed into Bourke Street Mall, which was packed with people. Fifteen others were seriously wounded and the city plunged into chaos as emergency services rushed to help the injured and secure the scene.

In the hours before Friday's atrocity, Gargasoulas is alleged to have stabbed his brother in the suburb of Windsor, taken a female hostage, and led police on a chase through central city streets.

Details about his life have begun to emerge - and it would appear his troubling online outbursts began to worry even his friends.

On January 9, using a separate Facebook account, he wrote in all capital letters: "Today the gods have given me wisdom and knowledge. They have awoken me. I have my answers also vision of a future that is clouded the work of Satan to face me and fail over and over amuses me rather than shake me to the ground."

Gargasoulas wrote that "good will always prevail over evil" and that was "exactly what's to come in the following days weeks and so forth", writing that "somebody tried to f*** me ... well that someone is about to find out how to do it properly", adding "I'll take you all out just me you need a army to take me and so far you have presented half a army army of useless wait until you see mine!"

"For all those who know me .... know I'm a genuine good sexy young guy and that I've experienced days and nights I thought I'd never experience in my life since I got to melbourne well guess what ... I've been blessed ... and now your f***ed," he wrote.

Police Commissioner Graham Ashton confirmed on Friday night police had extensive dealings with Gargasoulas, who had a history of family violence, drug and also mental health issues.

"We know a fair bit [about him]," Mr Ashton said.

Gargasoulas was released on bail just last weekend over an alleged assault on his mother's partner. Police opposed the bail, News Corp understands.

A man and woman in their 30s died in the Melbourne horror, along with a child, thought to be aged 10. However, Mr Ashton warned the death toll could rise.

Gargasoulas's profile on dating website POF.com describes him as a 188cm tall "adventurer" who "smokes occasionally with athletic body type". His interests include "smiles", "movies", "massages", "milkshakes", "Jack Daniels" and "cars".

"Hi I'm Dimitrious Gargasoulas I look for smart ones confident mature," his profile reads.

"Ill make you feel like a queen as long as u make me a king. Im pretty active i want to find one girl who I can be freinds with and get freaky with and if we click we go from there. I like to go for milkshakes coffee and cake mmmm. I want a girl who likes to drink sing play I can cook Clean And be surprising. I work for my self i run a small business (sic)."

His profile says he does drugs "socially".

"I drink socially and by my self once a blue moon," it reads.

"Drugs **** ice that sh*tiz no good mate once a blue moon ok I smoke weed sometimes when I cant sleep and only a tiny bit. Im respectfull and a good boy belive it or not. I can fight too. Im not scared of most people. If u get to know me I can garentee you that I am heaps and heaps of fun because I live in a good area and I know everyrhing around here so choose wisley Theres alot of sh**k**** out there that will use you and break ur heart ok."

He also has a YouTube channel, with one video from 2008, "COOBER PEDYS FINEST JUNKIE FOIL MAN", captioned: "JUNKIE RAPPED IN FOIL DOES A POO".

Prior to January 1, Gargasoulas' last post was on December 30.

"The next time you hear of a police officer being killed 'in the line of duty,' take a moment to consider the very real possibility that maybe in that case, the 'law enforcer' was the bad guy and the 'cop killer' was the good guy," he wrote, not in caps.

"As it happens, that has been the case more often than not throughout human history. F*** da police xoxoxo"

On January 13 he wrote that he was not Greek-Tongan, "I am actually Greek Islamic Kurdish ANGEL OF CULT", saying to Google "Yazdânism". "Heaven and Hell IS REAL!!! WHO AGREES?" he wrote. "I promise and hold a lot of answers. Ask me something."

The next day, he wrote: "I know it's shock just imagine when I found out I was the choosen one I did not know if I was being played as a fool or not nearly lost the plot but when I realised it was real I came back to adjust and now my powers are warming up also the more that believe the more power I get and I need as many believers as possible because the world has sinned 6x this hopefully wont be the 7th otherwise all man kind is doomed."

He also hit out at "homosexuals", writing "it is stated in my 10 commandments no homosexual shall rule the earth".

One Facebook friend wrote: "Wtf is up with u bro ! U are not yourself anymore and it's doing my head in as u are clogging up my news feed with your weird status updates."

Another said: "Since when did you convert to being a weirdo LMFAO"

One man, apparently a former landlord, wrote: "All I want is my curtains back."

Gargasoulas replied: "This matter is seprate to gods saying you dare insult me you shall pay for your sins then i would like my bond money back."

Homicide Squad detectives are not believed to have interviewed him yet.

He was last night under police guard in hospital where he was being treated after being shot in the arm by police.

News Corp Australia

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