READERS DISCUSS: Paywave and Paypass security issues

POLICE issued a warning about having Paywave aand Paypass ctive on credit cards.

Here are some of The Bulletin readers comments:

Sharron Payne - I think the idea of paywave and paypass is ridiculous! Is the world really so lazy that we need this! Is it really so hard to type a 4 digit PIN into a machine... All it achieves is making it easier for thieves to steal money.

Debbie Bryant - So agree.

Grego Mack - People are only just working this out ?????

What do you think of Paywave and Paypass systems?

This poll ended on 17 April 2015.

Current Results

They make it too easy for thieves to steal money from your accounts


I think it's great


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Natalie Webber - Stupidest. Invention. Ever. I can't believe, in a world gone security & privacy mad, that some genius came up with this & they actually thought "What a good idea!" 21st century thinking at its finest. Smh..

Simone Elizabeth Edwards - I hate pay wave ....but what annoys me most it when your at the shop or getting out of a taxi and I say DO NOT USE PAYWAVE and what do they do they use it

Robynne Walsh - Yes if its so unsafe ,why cant we get cards without this if we dont want to use it.

Shana Smith - You can

Lee Tuppence - You can just ask your bank to send you a card without the chip I did with the commonwealth bank. I keep the chipped one at home and take the plain one with me everywhere

Sharron Payne - Thanks. I didnt know you can.

Robynne Walsh - Yes i didnt know that either ,thank you

David Twiner - U xan blame visa for most of this cause they forced it on all of us, good luck for tuem to try it on my cards, bo paywave chip in mine

Chris Binder - Easy to change your card from payWave to non payWave with a sharp knife. There is little antennas that run around the card connected to the chip, damage those antennas and it won't work , simple

Shana Smith - Or you can ask your bank to delink the cr option on the Visa card

Warning from police to anyone who uses "PayWave" and "Paypass" Visa cards:

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Saturday, 11 April 2015

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