VIDEO: Region’s wild drivers caught in the act

LEYLAND Barnett is calling for higher fines and a greater police presence on Central Queensland roads to further deter drivers from breaking the road rules.

The Rockhampton driving school owner posted a short video to Facebook, which he filmed on Tuesday afternoon, documenting multiple drivers crossing double lines, failing to indicate, failing to indicate correctly, speeding, swerving in and out of lanes and driving through red lights between Rockhampton and Gracemere.

Mr Barnett  said considering that he only filmed for about 30 minutes, the footage was alarming.

"I see this kind of driving fairly often," he said.

"The biggest problem there is travelling between Rockhampton and Gracemere is drivers either going too fast or sitting well below the speed limit, causing other drivers to take risks to overtake them.

"The biggest problems in general are drivers not indicating and drivers texting and using mobile phones."

Mr Barnett believed a greater police presence and the threat of higher fines would deter drivers from breaking the rules.

"I think the police need to start enforcing minor rules like indicating more because the longer it goes unenforced, the worse it's going to get.

"I think higher fines need to be brought in to change driver attitudes and an increased police presence will make people take more notice of the road rules."

With the Easter school holiday period wrapping up this weekend and increased traffic expected on Queensland roads, Mr Barnett encouraged drivers to be extra vigilant.

The Queensland Police Service will co-ordinate a state-wide traffic operation until midnight April 24.

Commissioner of Police Ian Stewart said if individual drivers paid attention, didn't speed and drove to the conditions, lives would be saved.

"Road safety is a shared responsibility - everyone must play their part in road safety," he said.

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