Sunshine Coast mayor Mark Jamieson
Sunshine Coast mayor Mark Jamieson Patrick Woods

Mayor Mark Jamieson on why council CEO should lead CBD

THE comments made by Sandy Zubrinich of the Sunshine Coast Business Council, as reported in the Sunshine Coast Daily yesterday under "Mayor picks CEO to head CBD firm", really need to be corrected.

Ms Zubrinich has raised potential conflicts of interest with the council being both the planning authority and the developer for the Maroochydore city centre.

Well in fact, with the model that we have in place for the Maroochydore city centre, the council is neither.


The State Government, through Economic Development Queensland, is the planning authority for the site and has been since it was declared a Priority Development Area in July 2013.

And the new company that the council has established - with an independent board of directors at its helm and making the decisions - will oversee the development of the site.

Furthermore, other models that Ms Zubrinich has highlighted which she believes would be more appropriate for this project have all been investigated by the council.

And they have been found to have (or had) government involvement and control in both the planning and development functions.

So I am puzzled as to how they can possibly present a better option than what the council has put in place.

As for the comments about the skills of Mr Knaggs as the CEO of the company, these are uncalled for and show a lack of understanding of his background, expertise and commitment to this region.

Mr Knaggs has been - and will continue to be - an outstanding representative for the Sunshine Coast community and has worked with me over the last three years in selling the region's investment opportunities.

I am meeting with Ms Zubrinich next week where I hope she will have a plausible explanation for her comments. In the interim, it is probably worth asking the question, who is she really representing here?

Unlike Ms Zubrinich, the council and the company will be looking to deliver the best outcome for our ratepayers.

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