police generic Handcuffs arrest. 07 October 2016
police generic Handcuffs arrest. 07 October 2016 Trevor Veale

REVEALED: 1004 Rockhampton crimes in 31 days

TO TRY and give the community a better understanding of just what the police officers in Rockhampton and on the Capricorn Coast have to deal with every day, we've analysed a month's worth of Queensland Police Crime Data.

In the past month, from December 16, 2016 - January 16, 2016, police in Rockhampton and on the Cap Coast have investigated 1004 offences.

So what does an average month in our region entail when it comes to crime and what are the most common offences police deal with?

The most common offence police in the region dealt with in the past month was 'Other Theft' ,which includes all theft other than unlawful entry, with 236 offences recorded.

The second most common offence police dealt with was Good Order offences which includes public nuisance, drunkenness and resist arrest etc. Police dealt with 147 of these offences.

Drug offences were the third most common with 144 offences recorded in the month while Other Property Damage was also common, with 109 offences.

From December 16- January 16, there were 98 counts of unlawful entry in the region, 81 traffic and related offences, 64 recorded assaults, 43 cases of fraud, 33 'Other Offences', 23 vehicles stolen, 11 weapons act offences, 8 counts of stolen goods, three robberies, two homicide offences (includes attempted murder) and two cases of arson.


  • Other Theft - 236
  • Good Order Offences - 147
  • Drug Offences - 144
  • Other Property Damage - 109
  • Unlawful Entry - 98
  • Traffic and Related Offences - 81
  • Assault - 64
  • Fraud - 43
  • Other Offences (includes prostitution, trespassing and vagrancy, gaming, betting and racing offences, stock related offences and miscellaneous offences) - 33
  • Unlawful Use Of A Motor Vehicle - 23
  • Weapons Act Offences - 11
  • Handling Stolen Goods - 8
  • Robbery - 3
  • Homicide - 2
  • Arson - 2

Unfortunately, many of these offences remain unsolved. If you have any information which could assist police in any matters, please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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