Bailey Price
Bailey Price

REVEALED: The butt tattoo that paid a woman's bills

NEW ZEALAND woman Bailey Price flew to America in January for a five day all expenses paid trip to meet the winner of her 2016 Trademe auction, Miami based covers artist Sir Ivan Wilzig.

Wilzig's Australian based cousin bid $6,500 on the singer's behalf for a 9cm x 9cm spot on the New Zealand woman's butt in an auction that hit headlines around the world.

As part of the deal Wilzig treated Price to an all expenses paid trip to Miami, taking her around the city in a psychedelic limo before she was inked at Salvation Tattoo Lounge.

The singer designed the "" tattoo himself to promote his cover of John Lennon's "Imagine". He said he chose rainbow colours in support of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

A video posted on Sir Ivan's Twitter page shows a smiling Price stating she was so nervous she "had butterflies" before the artwork was done.

Sir Ivan cheekily Tweeted he was "reaching the masses using other people's asses" and posted a close up photo of himself admiring the completed artwork.

Price could not be contacted for comment but at the time of the auction she said she was "super happy" with the price Sir Ivan paid and the free trip.

Price described herself as a "pretty wild" young woman who was known for "mooning" in public.

She wanted the money to "clear debts" but also pledged to give 10 per cent of the money to a charity of Sir Ivan's choice.

Price was inspired by Wellington woman Tina Beznec who was paid $12,450 in 2012 to have the logo of strip club chain Calendar Girls tattooed on her bottom.

- NZ Herald

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