REVEALED: The speeds that have police baffled.
REVEALED: The speeds that have police baffled.

REVEALED: The insane speeds that are leaving Dalby police baffled

DALBY Road Policing Unit officers have been left baffled by the spine-tingling speeds they have been recording of late on the major roads in the region.

In a four week period, the RPU caught nine drivers travelling up to 40 km/hr over the speed limit – a result that has left police confused and frustrated.

One of the drivers was allegedly three times over the legal alcohol limit, and another vehicle was travelling with seven people and a baby inside.

Officer-in-charge sergeant Mark Woitowitz said the speeds being clocked are alarming, but even more alarming is that people don’t realise what they’re doing at the time, and the impacts their actions can have on others.

In light of Road Safety Week kicking off next Monday, the Dalby police are now urging people to stop and think, and more importantly, slow down.

“We really want people to focus on their driving behaviours on the road,” sgt Woitowitz said.

“It’s to bring to the attention of people how their behaviour on the roads and focusing on the fatal five.

“We’ll be focusing on the enforcement side of things and focusing on education through enforcement especially in the high risk areas we’ve got on Warrego at the moment.”

In the list of shameful offenders caught by the Dalby RPU is a P-plater who was allegedly caught driving 144km/hr near Cecil Plains.

Her excuse for her speed was that she was late for work, according to the officer-in-charge.

“It’s a real worry for us especially because there’s less road users on the road,” sgt Woitowitz said.

“We don’t know why that is, why the speeds are so high.

“Due to that being brought to our attention, we’ve spent a lot more time directing our attention to the major arterial roads and focusing on speed detection especially during road safety week.”

The seriousness of speeding is something that cannot be underestimated, sgt Woitowitz said.

He said the stopping distance for a vehicle travelling at 100 km/hr is 98 metres, so for those travelling upwards of 140 km/hr, it will take a driver 150 metres to come to a complete stop.

This increases the probability of crashes on major roads, and heightens the likelihood of fatalities, according to police.

Frustratingly, the offenders only realise the seriousness of their actions when they are intercepted by police, and told they will be hit in the hip pocket for their actions.

“I don’t think the seriousness of it sinks in until we tell them it’s going to cost them $1245 and they’ve just lost their licence for six months,” sgt Woitowitz said.

“They break down in tears.

“It doesn’t sink into them while they’re driving at that sort of a speed until we intercept them, and they accept the gravity of what they’ve done.”

Sgt Woitowitz said it was important for the passengers to hold their drivers accountable for their actions, because its their lives that are at stake too.

“A lot of the time in these fatalities we get, the passenger is the one that’s killed and the driver survives,” he said.

“It’s a self-preservation thing, if you’re about to hit someone or something, you’ll steer away from you.

“Usually the passenger takes the impacts.

“There’s only one person responsible and that’s the person behind the wheel.

“You need to take ownership for your actions. and if we can encourage them not o travel at that speed.”

One other initiative being run during Road Safety Week is the ‘Turning Your Lights On’ campaign, where drivers are encouraged to switch their lights on as soon as they jump in the car, increasing visibility and reducing a major factor that causes crashes.

Road Safety Week begins next Monday, with a full list of events planned over five days.

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