Generic Queensland State Election 2020 Townsville advertising how to vote cards. PICTURE: MATT TAYLOR.
Generic Queensland State Election 2020 Townsville advertising how to vote cards. PICTURE: MATT TAYLOR.

The race for Callide, as it happened

UPDATE: 8.45pm:

With over 20 per cent of the total votes counted across the Callide electorate, it is looking almost certain that LNP's Colin Boyce is set to retain his seat.

Holding 57.29 per cent of the vote, Mr Boyce is well ahead of the Labor candidate, Gordon Earnshaw earned only 25.56 per cent.

This concludes our rolling coverage for Callide tonight, you can view live coverage of the state election here.


UPDATE: 7.44pm:

Callide's independent candidates have told us how they're feeling about the election results and the results of particular booths in tonight's count.

Independent Adam Burling has been a Biloela local for nine years and took out a substantial chunk of the vote there, with 31.58 per cent going to him.

Mr Burling spent all day at this booth and did not travel to any others.

In comparison, LNP Colin Boyce got 35.09 per cent of the vote at the Biloela polling station.

"It's just been a really great feel and everyone's been really supportive here," Mr Burling said.

"I'm stoked.

"For someone like me who's relatively unknown and with no political experience… it comes to show people are quite unhappy with how things are going."

He said his results tonight send a message to the major parties that people can vote for independents if they're unhappy with the major parties.

Independent Loris Doessel, currently running last overall at 4.35 per cent of the vote, said it's good to think that at least some of the community support her cause, mainly centred on legalising voluntary euthanasia.

"If I got that many votes, somebody must've thought that must've been a good idea," she said.

"I'm hoping to get a higher number and hopefully the polls lean that way."


UPDATE, 7.04pm:

As the votes for Callide continue to be counted, it is becoming increasingly clear who will win the seat.

Booths such as Biggenden, Biloela, Chinchilla North, Jandowae, and Wallaville have since come in, with almost all giving the LNP's Colin Boyce over 50 per cent of the primary vote.

The exception is Biloela, with 35.09 per cent going to Mr Boyce.

Running second here is independent Adam Burling, with 31.58 per cent of the vote in Biloela.

Mr Burling is now in third place for the Callide electorate.

When asked about Antony Green's call for the electorate, Mr Boyce said while he hasn't heard Mr Green's comment yet, he said he'll win comfortably on the figures we're currently seeing.

"That trend is not going change," Mr Boyce said.

"How it pans out eventually, obviously that's up to the counters, but that trend at this early stage, to have a trend like that is highly unlikely to change."


UPDATE, 6.39pm:

One of the nation's leading election analysts has made his call on the seat of Callide.

ABC's election analyst Antony Green has called the seat for the LNP's Colin Boyce.

Mr Green believes Mr Boyce will win it comfortably.

Callide currently has 64.16 per cent of the vote going towards Mr Boyce, with 19.95 to Labor's Gordon Earnshaw.

Independent Loris Doessel is sitting at 7.1 per cent.

Currently, 3.61 per cent of votes have been counted in total.

While it looks set for Mr Boyce to retain Callide, it will be interesting to see which booths vote more strongly with Labor and independents.


UPDATE, 6.35pm:

Early data has come in for an important Darling Downs swing seat.

According to The Chronicle, Labor candidate Megan O'Hara-Sullivan is in the lead for Toowoomba North with 41.88 per cent of the primary vote.

Incumbent LNP MP Trevor Watts is coming in second at 36.10 per cent.

Toowoomba North includes the Toowoomba CBD, Wilsonton, Harlaxton, Mt Lofty, and Highfields.

Almost all other seats in the Darling Downs and Southwest have been traditionally safe for the LNP. 


UPDATE, 6.19pm:

Very early data has come through from the seat of Callide. 

The polling booth of Eidsvold in the North Burnett has reported a total of 71 votes from today.

The LNP's Colin Boyce is in the lead with 33 votes, which makes up 51.56 per cent.

Coming in second is Labor's Gordon Earnshaw, with 17 votes making up 26.56 per cent.

Third is independent Loris Doessel, with six votes and 9.38 per cent.

Of course, this is early data from a single polling booth - we'll have to wait and see what other booths return to get a more accurate prediction of who's going to win the race for Callide.


UPDATE, 6pm:

After a long day at Queensland's polling booths, the doors have come to a close.

Scrutineers will be present as the votes are counted, with results being released gradually as the night goes on.

Stay tuned to this article to see the updates as they happen.



AS ELECTION day draws to a close, polling officials will prepare to count the votes.

This election will decide who will take the premiership during this trying time with COVID-19; Labor's Annastacia Palasczcuk or the Liberal National Party's Deb Frecklington.

It's been a long campaign with one of the largest pre-poll turnouts in Queensland history, with well over half of electors voting before today.

The five candidates that are vying for the seat of Callide are:

  • Anthony Walsh, GRN
  • Gordon Earnshaw, ALP
  • Colin Boyce, LNP
  • Adam Burling, IND
  • Loris Doessel, IND

This electorate covers an expansive and diverse area, from the Surat Basin in the south to the coalfields in the north.

Major towns include Chinchilla, Biloela, Gin Gin and Calliope.

The LNP and it's predecessors have won the seat of Callide every election since it's inception, with the exception of 1983, when it was scored by an independent.

Callide's voter base is largely conservative with 33.4 per cent of the primary vote going towards LNP's Colin Boyce in the 2017 election.

One Nation candidate in 2017 Sharon Lohse received 25.6 per cent of the primary vote, beating the LNP in polling stations like Biggenden, Wandoan, Calliope, and Gin Gin.

Ms Lohse is running for the seat of Maryborough in 2020 and no One Nation candidate is standing for Callide this time around.

Katter's Australian Party is not running a candidate either.

Keep checking back on this article to see Chinchilla News' and the Central & North Burnett Times' rolling coverage of the 2020 Callide election.

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