Sales shares shocking troll attack on her marriage breakdown

ABC personality Leigh Sales has shared an example of the horrid online abuse she receives, posting a tweet attacking her recent marriage breakdown.

The popular 7.30 host told followers she wouldn't usually share the "copious abuse" she has regularly received since she began fronting the program, but chose to expose this particularly offensive comment.

The anonymous tweeter had decided to take aim at Sales's recent split with husband Phil Willis, and somehow linked that with the presenter's assumed views on marriage equality.

"Since (Leigh Sales) couldn't hold her own marriage together, she's busy campaigning to destroy every one else's," he wrote.

The man's comment was made in reply to a remark about Sales' presenting that night.

Referring to a note sent to ABC staff warning them to keep their personal views on same-sex marriage off social media ahead of the postal plebiscite, another person tweeted "Shame Leigh Sales ignored that director on 7.30 Report tonight", which prompted the comment on Sales's marriage.

It is unclear what the trolls are referring to in their complaints about the host's comments on the national broadcaster's flagship program last night.

The only words Sales spoke on the topic during last night's broadcast were introducing a story filed by a 7.30 reporter on the "yes" campaign's approach to the voluntary poll, and two questions to former Labor leader Kim Beazley.

Neither contained any personal comment or editorialising on the issue.

It's not the first time Sales has drawn attention to sexist and abusive feedback she's received online.

During last year's election campaign, she publicly shamed trolls who had hurled "sexist" and "disgusting" abuse towards her.

"Let me call out the river of disgusting, sexist and relentless abuse on Twitter during this campaign with a handful of examples," she wrote, before retweeting comments calling her names, accusing her of political bias, and making other lewd and explicit comments.

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