Sally Faulkner's message to ex-husband in Lebanon

Lahela, Ali Elamine, Noah and Sally Faulkner in happier times.
Lahela, Ali Elamine, Noah and Sally Faulkner in happier times. News Corp Australia

SALLY Faulkner has revealed to Kyle and Jackie O that she has had zero contact with her children as she sent out a message to her ex-husband.

The Brisbane mother was on KIIS radio to detail her ongoing battle to see or speak to her two children, Lahela and Noah.

"I do not have, and did not have any contact with them from the moment I said goodbye to them at the Lebanon McDonalds," Faulkner said.

She also revealed she was unhappy with the interview her ex-husband Ali Elamine did with Kyle and Jackie O soon after the 60 Minutes kidnapping saga.

"I was pretty disturbed by what he was saying. I was disappointed that he was able to get away with saying those things," she said.

Sally Faulkner said she just wants some contact with her children
Sally Faulkner said she just wants some contact with her children Supplied

She said Elamine has a new partner, something he has not gone public with, and that he has been spreading lies about her since their amicable co-parenting ceased.

"I just want to ask my ex husband, 'why, why? because what you have said to the Australian public and the media is not true.'"

She relived her kidnap saga ordeal on the radio show, recalling how the lady who owned the safe house she took her children to screamed at her to get out before police searched the apartment.

She said she hid with them in the bathroom of another house before she made the decision to come out and hand her children over to the police.

Faulkner said she was handcuffed to reporter Tara Brown for two days while in jail.

"Everyone was really supportive of each other, I think we were still in shock of what had happened," she said.

She revealed her final meeting with the kids, which Elamine and promised would go for one hour, was cut short by 15 minutes so he could make a Skype call with The Project, his final words to her, "You know why I'm doing this, because I still love you".

Sally Faulkner with baby son Eli and partner Brendan
Sally Faulkner with baby son Eli and partner Brendan Facebook

Faulkner said if Elamine was listening he needed to let her have contact with the children.

"Ali if you are listening you need to do what is right for the children and what you are doing right now is certainly not right for the children, they deserve a mother, they deserve their basic rights to be loved by two parents," she said.

Faulkner also told Kyle and Jackie O later this year she will be commencing a charity walk from Sydney to Canberra to raise awareness about parental alienation.

She plans to deliver a petition to Parliament House and suggestions for legal change in the family courts.

Faulkner's friends have previously set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money so Faulkner can obtain a lawyer in Lebanon and continue to fight for custody.

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