Scary clown in Warwick told 'give it a rest f@#%wit'

A THIRD scary clown has been spotted in Warwick with the prankster copping a serve over the late night stunt.

On Friday a Warwick woman was chased 500m down McEvoy Street by a man dressed in a clown suit, while police received a second report later that day.

The latest clown encounter was in a Warwick park with a witness calling on the "f@#%wit behind the prank" to "give it a rest".

Warwick police have said they would be monitoring the situation.

"At any rate we're urging everyone not to scare each other in the street," Senior Sergeant Lisa Self said

"It's common sense but people think it's funny to prank each other, but it's more serious if they scare an old lady who has a heart attack."

The clown craze has had everyone on high alert in the United States and now it has moved down under, with reports of people dressed as terrifying clowns emerging in Australia.

The craze involves people dressing up as creepy clowns and wandering the streets trying to scare people

The first Australian sightings happened on Thursday night, one in the sleepy north coast New South Wales city of Grafton, the other in Gladstone in central Queensland.

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