Sex offender who breached order again will be released

A SEX offender will be released despite breaching a supervision order for a fifth time, and disability funding will be sought to make his life easier outside jail.

Thomas Joel Larry, previously known as Thomas Andrew Larry, breached his supervision order by smoking cannabis.

In Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday, Justice Martin Burns said two psychiatrists helped persuade him the existing supervision order could protect the community from Larry, who is 40.

A report from May 1 this year found cannabis use indicated a lapse "but not emotional collapse" and the lapse was detected quickly.

On August 10, a second psychiatrist said Larry's cannabis use did not alter his "risk profile".

Justice Burns said these opinions suggested Larry's risk of violent sexual offending remained "in the high range" but his existing supervision order greatly reduced these risks.

Larry was jailed after he broke into a woman's house in 2002 and attempted to rape her.

He was convicted again after flashing his genitals at a teacher during a course in a jail near Mareeba in 2008.

Five years later, a jury acquitted Larry of raping a woman he befriended on an Ipswich-bound train.

Larry had convictions for aggravated assault of a woman in Cairns, and for assault causing grievous bodily harm in 1997.

Justice Burns outlined Larry's previous breaches.

In February 2012, Larry breached a direction not to contact a specific witness.

He ingested synthetic cannabis 10 months later and again in September 2015.

Last year, he breached a direction not to use any other person's mobile phone.

"Mr Larry has otherwise had substantial periods ... in the community under supervision and been compliant," Justice Burns said.

In custody, Larry completed a sex offenders program.

"He received a very positive exit report noting his genuine participation and willingness to rehabilitate himself," Justice Burns told the court.

"In addition, appropriate planning has been made for Mr Larry's release back into the community."

At first, Larry would stay in a corrections precinct but authorities would seek "appropriate independent accommodation," the judge added.

National Disability Insurance Scheme funding would be sought.

"If such funding is received, that will go a long way to providing further support for Mr Larry in the community," Justice Burns said.

Psychological treatment and anti-libidinal drugs would also be considered to manage Larry.

Larry will be released, and remain subject to the supervision order.


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