Shark nets being removed on Coast due to dangerous weather

SHARK control nets on the Sunshine Coast are being removed from the water due to forecasts of strong winds and dangerous sea conditions. 

Fisheries Queensland manager shark control program Jeff Krause said a total of 22 nets were being removed.

"With the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting winds in excess of 70 km per hour and ocean swells over 5 metres from Wednesday afternoon to Friday, we are taking precautionary measures and removing the nets before they become a potential hazard," Mr Krause said.

"All nets will be removed from the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast over the next two days starting on Tuesday morning.

Mr Krause said high seas caused by strong winds can cause some gear to become adrift.

"Gear that is loose in the water can be a danger to swimmers and that's why we are removing the apparatus," he said.

"We remind swimmers and surfers to take advice from the lifesaving service as to whether it is suitable to be in the water at all.

"Once conditions improve, the nets will be returned to the water."

Although BOM had predicted rough conditions, Sunshine Coast surf expert Josh Sherwell wasn't convinced yet that the weather and swell would be that serious.

"I've seen all the charts in regards to Coastal Watch, Seabreeze, Magic Seaweed but I haven't checked the synoptic charts," he said.

"Anyone can predict the surf forecast but me and my dad are big believers that until you see the synoptic you can't predict what's happening there.

"Who knows? I really hope it does pick up.

"If it's a full southerly swell Moreton (Island) catches the most of it. Moreton is a blessing and a curse on the Coast in regards to that.

"If it's a combination of southerly swell and southerly wind, it will go past our points. The open beaches and double island will cop most of the southerly."

If people ever see shark control gear including ropes, netting or buoys which has come loose, they should call the Shark Hotline on 1800 806 891.

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