Six reasons why editing photos works wonders

To the best photographers, editing is a skill in itself used to complete the image seen at the time of shooting.

In the quest to tell you their story, Canon's Invisible Editing challenged entrants to answer the question "How much is too much?"

According to Australian photographer and judge for the awards, Peter Eastway, editing should be used to tell your story better.

"The skill and art of editing should be used take the viewer on a journey in such a way that they accept that the image they see is what you saw," says Peter. "Not overdoing it is what can make a good picture great."

The winners are Philip Thurston from Burrill Lake (NSW)  with his image, Silver Surfer; and University of Canberra student, Chandra Tamang from Latham (ACT) who won the Student Category for his image, Colosseum Graffiti.

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