Son violently assaults his mother at party

A 20-year-old man who threw his mother to the floor and kicked and punched her has been jailed.

Kevin Charles Junior Jeffs had been drunk at a birthday party at a Withcott residence when he became agitated about 2.30am, Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard.

He punched two holes in a wall of a bedroom before punching and damaging a perspex door in the kitchen and overturned a barbecue outside, damaging the gas fittings, police prosecutor Julie Wheaton told the court.

He had then turned his anger on his mother who he threw to the floor of the patio then kicked and punched her, Senior Constable Wheaton said.

When a male guest at the party went to the woman's defence, Jeffs had turned on him and punched him in the face, leaving him with a bleeding nose and swollen lip.

Police arrived to find the woman holding an ice pack to her swollen forehead and she complained of soreness to her body and hip, Snr Const. Wheaton said.

Jeffs pleaded guilty to two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm and one of wilful damage.

His solicitor Hugh Tait (Creevey Russell Lawyers) told the court his client had a problem with alcohol but he had not drunk alcohol since this event.

His client instructed he had taken issue with a man his mother had invited to the party, he said.

His client was ashamed of his behaviour and remorseful, Mr Tait submitted.

However, Magistrate Bruce Schemioneck noted Jeffs had a previous offence of assault occasioning bodily harm and took a dim view of someone "putting the slipper in" to their own mother.

He sentenced Jeffs to six months in jail but ordered he be released on parole after having served two months on August 20, four days before his 21st birthday.

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