Sunshine Coast split over caravan park decision

READERS are split right down the middle on the council's decision to transform the Mooloolaba caravan park site under the Place Making Mooloolaba Master Plan.

The master plan was set to deliver 40% more public space, a water park, tidal rock pool,extended pathways and better parking solutions.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Council vote confirms end of Mooloolaba caravan park

Sunshine Coast Daily Facebook users were 50/50 as to whether the change was a good idea.

Some believed the caravan park should have remained.

"Caravan parks bring in tourists and they spend money and that then creates employment. Now those tourists will go on to Noosa or Caloundra or even skip the Sunshine Coast all together. You've already got a water park, it's called the beach," Geoff Nicholls said.

"That's another poor decision by council. How are they going to pay for this and where will the locals park now when we come in to support the local businesses outside holiday times," Sam Hartyigsen wrote.

"Shame, loss of year income for the council, a rock pool which will cost money to maintain next to a safe beach (where is the benefit of that to the community, really). Reduction in tourist numbers, but who cares it's only business. And a reduction in car parks overall so you can't get there. Yep all sounds great to me, but I wouldn't use the word progress myself," Adrian Raddatz said.

"I think it's garbage! My family spends Christmas there every year and we are devastated we will no longer be able to do that," Belinda Huxham said.

On the other side people were excited to use the proposed water park and see an initiative that could be used by local residents.

"Looking forward to the water park as long as it's free!" Ebbie Williamson commented.

"Very pleased to see it will now be able to be enjoyed by all, especially the locals, not just the handful of the select priveledged," Sharon Turner said.

"Water park! As long as its free. The caravan park is tiny and a water park will be a much bettter use of the space and will benefit far more people. We could rival icebergs in Sydney," Vanessa Lisa said.

"Glad they are closing it. Beautify this area for us locals as well to use. Stop thinking of the tourists all the time. Start thinking about your rate payers as well," Noel Bear said.

The caravan park is expected to close once the current lease expires in June 2017.

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