The young boy tragically died two weeks after suffering from an allergic reactionSource:Supplied
The young boy tragically died two weeks after suffering from an allergic reactionSource:Supplied

Teen dies after bullies allegedly give him cheese

THE DEVASTATED father of a 13-year-old boy who died after an allergic reaction when cheese was reportedly flicked in his mouth has revealed how he watched his son die.

Karanbir Cheema, 13, tragically died two weeks after the reaction and may have been targeted by bullies due to his condition, friends claimed in the wake of the teen's death, reports The Sun.

Police have arrested a 13-year-old boy on suspicion of attempted murder and homicide cops have since been called in.

Karanbir, known to pals as Karan, died on Sunday at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital after 12 days in intensive care.

He suffered an allergic reaction after an incident at William Perkin C of E High School in West London, on June 28.

It is thought a group taunted him with the sandwich.

His heartbroken dad Amarjeet Cheema, 53, today told the Standard how he watched his "brilliant" student son die in hospital as he demanded answers.

"We were in hospital I had to watch him die, no parent should have to go through that," he said.

"While he was in hospital we were fully concentrated on his condition. Now we want answers. How could this have happened?

"My son had allergies but he was very careful. He had an allergy to dairy products but was good at avoiding them. I don't how a piece of cheese hitting him could have killed him, it doesn't make any sense. We have been told very little."

The school has now launched a review into the medical procedures in place.

Paying tribute to his son, devastated Amarjeet said: "He was brilliant at computers and maths, he was an amazing student. He was always on the computer. He talked about being a computer engineer.

"We were so proud of him. He had a very bright future. There are a million things he could have done with his life.

"He was a bright, bright boy. He was kind and gentle. We are just devastated."

The dad added: "I am speaking out because maybe lessons can be learned. I do not want another family to suffer like this."

His distraught mum Rina also paid tribute to her son and choked back tears as she told how watched Karan stop breathing as he was rushed to hospital.

The 51-year-old said: "I sent him to school and went to work.

"He said, 'I'll see you later.'

"When you say goodbye to your son you don't expect it to be the last goodbye.

"I received a call about 11.30am from the school asking if they could give him Piriton, an antihistamine.

"I was at the school within half an hour. When I arrived he was collapsed, not breathing.

"He was already on the trolley."

Rina, who travelled in the ambulance with tragic Karan, kept a vigil at the teen's bedside for two weeks until he went into cardiac arrest and died on Sunday.

She also demanded answers for her "selfless son" as allegations he was bullied at the school emerged.

The mum fumed: "There are a lot of questions I want answers to.

"I was not aware that he was bullied by anyone, but that is something I will be asking the school.

""I want justice for Karan."

It comes as members of the school community alleged things got "out of hand" between children in the lead up to the young boy's death.

Humaira Khan, 40, said: "Karan was in primary school with my son and used to to go to football club and karate class with my son.

"He was a really good boy.

"I cannot forget his face every time I close my eyes I see him, he was a really good boy, very good at maths and just a really sweet child."

One parent claimed the children had been playing before things "got out of hand".

She said: "I heard from a student that a boy came up and put a bit of cheese down his shirt.

"This bully is old enough to know right from wrong, you just cannot take these chances."

One pupil tweeted on the day: "How can two idiots in my school stuff cheese down someone's throat - knowing that they're allergic to it, where's the logic."

But a fellow student said: "A boy in the class bought himself a cheese sandwich and another boy asked to have a piece of it.

"He gave the cheese to him thinking that he would eat it but instead he flicked it at Karan.

"People are saying that it hit his lip, which he then licked by accident."

London's Homicide and Major Crime Command were still investigating the tragedy which was being treated as "unexplained."

They are still waiting to learn the cause of death, with a post-mortem scheduled to take place today.

The school's executive head teacher Dame Alice Hudson said Karan had a "number of allergies" and staff tried to give him medication at the office before the ambulance arrived.

Medication was kept in the school's office especially for Karan but it was not successful in treating the reaction, she said.

"Karanbir Cheema, known as Karan, was a popular Year 8 student at the school," she said.

"He had many friends who are devastated at his death, as are the staff."

She said the school's thoughts were with the student's family, saying he had been a "bright and keen" student who excelled in maths.

"Staff at the school reacted promptly to provide medical intervention and were well supported by the London Ambulance Service who attended the scene," she added.

"The school has robust care plans in place for students with identified medical requirements and Karan's care plan was promptly put in place.

"But in light of this tragic incident a review of the procedures will be carried out to ensure that the highest level of standards is maintained."

This article originally appeared on The Sun.

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